Share your Toolbox Reward

With 50,000,000 SL in my account, I thought you can’t go wrong with 100 boxes.
Third box …

What did you got from your gambling?
Attention! I don’t want to have a fundamental discussion about gambling in computer games here!
Here you can be happy for others.


From 11 boxes I got wagers, booster and some SL back. GG


I hardly dare say it but … just got lucky again …


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100 boxes didn’t got anything. not even an avatar or a ball… best thing was 100k sl… total waste.


Wtf who did you pay at Gaijin?

don’t get your hopes up. second update incoming.

from 200 crates i got around 20% my sl back and a decal. i will blow my rest of sl and i will come again.

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A 3.0 coastal from 80 crates
I don’t even play naval :(


The suffering F-4, oof.
No countermeasures but at least it gets 9Js (much better than nothing ofc, congrats)

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I had taken a break from playing for a week ^^

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Good luck!

280 crates and i got around 20% of my sl back, 2 profile pics and 2 decals. chances are very slim to win a vehicle so if you care about your sl, just dont bother.


How does the Phantom perform in GRB?



40 boxes, profile icon coupon, sold for 2.5 GJN.


If it has mavericks, I would assume it preforms decently, until a missile gets fired its way…

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Lucky, All I’ve gotten was a ball decal and lots of boosters that I won’t be able to use. I did get all my SL back in my first 20 crates so I spent more and just got more boosters. I’m debating on either going back for more crates or just sucking it up and buying stuff off the market, even though it’s uber expensive.

On that note, does anyone want to sell me an AU-1 for like $20? 😂

I got a Rock

LOL . . I got a bunch of boosters and stuff(really wanted boosters anyway) and the usual stuff
buuuuuuut . . . I also got an Egyptian soccer ball decal . . . . I previously owned 0 soccer balls
So there is that . . . (now I have to get the rest of them I guess . . . )


Haven’t opened them yet… I’m poor.

I did get a best squad wager, though!