Separate Ground Modes Without Planes

As I’m sure many ground players have experienced, planes can be extremely overpowered in ground Rb due to many tanks not having AA machine guns or high enough angles of elevation to fight back. Especially around the mid brs (4.0-8.0) cas is a really big issue mainly due to the ineffectiveness of anti aircraft vehicles. At lower brs this isn’t such an issue as planes are slow and don’t carry much ordnance but in the brs stated planes carry tons of ordnance, are faster more manoeuvrable and have better weapons. This imbalance leads to ground realistic battles becoming really annoying to play as if you have only researched tanks(because you only want to play tanks) you have no real way to fight back against these planes except researching a whole different line of the tech tree to get some AA in your lineup. Cas makes it nearly impossible to play heavy or slow moving tanks as you may be in a good position holding a point but there’s nothing to stop a wyvern or other cas plane straffing out your engine until you burn down or dropping a bomb right onto you with no way for you to defend yourself.

I do however understand that some people enjoy facing planes in ground rb battles so this is why I propose a separate game mode that can be selected that is ground rb but you cannot bring planes or helicopters in. This would be a mode for those who purely want to play tanks without having to worry about being revenge bombed by the guy you just killed or having your whole team killed by a 12000lb bomb without anything you can do to stop it.


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