(Sd. Kfz. 166) Sturmpanzer IV - Serie IV (June 1944)

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The 15 cm Sturmhaubitze 43 (Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär) (Sd. Kfz. 166) assault howitzer was a heavily armored self propelled infantry support gun based on the Panzerkampfwagen IV which was developed during World War II for combat in urban environments. German soldiers nicknamed it the Stupa, a contraction of the term Sturmpanzer. The Brummbär was equipped with the 15 cm Stu.H. 43/1 howitzer enabling it to effectively destroy entire buildings with only a few rounds. Over 300 Brummbär were produced throughout 1943-1945, in Ausführung I through IV, with production hitting its peak in June 1944:

Various refinements were instituted during its production run, including chassis improvements, the addition of a cupola, & the addition of an MG 34 and/or MG 42. In War Thunder, the Brummbär currently found in the game is an extremely rare, refurbished Ausf. I from May 1943, which you can see below:

Instead of depicting a standard, common, mainstream example based on a Panzer IV J chassis & produced during late June 1944, Gaijin instead has decided to provide the German faction player with an extremely rare, early refurbished example (based on the Panzer IV E) with weaker features such as Panzer IV E type running gear, wheels, & automotive components, bolted on appliqué frontal armor, bolted on appliqué side armor, a Fahrersehklappe 100, an older main weapon (15 cm Stu.H. 43) with shorter armored barrel sleeve, no cupola, no steel return rollers/steel road wheels, no improved tracks, no additional pistol ports, & no machine guns. Additionally, the Brummbär is also inexplicably missing its smoke round (Nb) in the game. The complete lack of these late improvements are a detriment to the combat effectiveness of the Brummbär in this game. In contrast to the numerous & dubiously equipped KV-2’s (with non-war G-530/PB-35) which proliferate this game, the German faction player is forced to use an extremely rare, generic Brummbär, in an early, outdated, Ausf. I configuration that is completely out of place for late war maps or events/scenarios. Therefor, this suggestion is specifically for a proper late war June 1944 Sturmpanzer IV Ausführung IV or Serie IV, featuring late war improvements & features. Main improvements over the current Brummbär would be:

Panzer IV J based chassis
Solid 80 mm lower frontal hull armor
Solid 30 mm side hull armor
Armored driver’s position with periscope replacing the Fahrersehklappe 100
Improved superstructure (shorter, reduced height) with additional pistol ports
Improved ventilation for the superstructure (more fans & ventilation hatches)
Improved rear hatch with additional pistol port
Improved main cannon (15 cm Stu.H. 43/1 (800 kg lighter) featuring armored barrel replacing the earlier 15 cm Stu.H. 43)
Smoke round (Nb) (currently missing in the game)
Steel rollers
Improved tracks with increased traction
StuG III G type cupola
Fliegerbeschussgerät mounted MG 34/MG 42 (to shoot at aircraft)
Ball mount MG 34 (to shoot at soft targets)
Mounts for two instead of four spare wheels located in rear

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Completely in favor, in fact it should have been in the game a long time ago.

A techtrree Brumbar would be good


A brummbär with a weak spot if that going to give us a brummbär in the TT then i am all in +1

Always in favor of improving vehicles already in the game. +1 as a tech tree variant.

Well done with the sheer volume of resources and research. Would love to see this in game as a TT vehicle

+1 for tech tree

I was recently playing with the brummbar, and I would have paid anything for a miserable machine gun, so I hope they add this model to the game.

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The missing smoke round:

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Would make for a great TT or squadron version

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MG mount:

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