SB Lacking players in higher tiers due to slack maps and EC game modes

Its getting to the point where a player doesnt need to get to a higher tier anymore due to the lack of available games for Sim players. There is always the same maps for the higher tier and no one wants to play custom. I have noticed that the SB mode is dropping drasticly due to lack of interest because of this. If the Devs cant see this drop in attendance SB will soon pass due to lack of interest. I myself have quit trying to get higher in the battle tree because there are no games to join thats worthwhile. Fix it gaijin or lose more players.

Listen to the players. They are the bread and butter of this game.

why would you play aim sim, when you have gimmicks like VR headset that can lock onto peoples planes, or planes that have HMDs 45g missiles that they can fire at you from 90* angles/?

If you enter Sim thinking about other players equipment, you’ll never have a good time.

In every single sim in existence, players are going to have disparities in equipment. The important thing is, that we’re all piloting our own planes.

I’VE HAD PEOPLE WHO SAID THEIR vr hardware can track peoples planes. anywhere on the map.

Even just more objective types would be great.

In my opinion. One of the biggest issues with SB is that BR1 and BR12.7 are virtually identical gamemodes. But the objectives at BR1 that are kinda hard, are laughably easy at 12.7. Like intercepting a flight of bombers.

They need to maybe double or even triple the number of objectives at all BRs but specifically for the higher BRs, add unique objective types suited for the aircraft. Even really basic stuff like adding a wave of bombers at 30k ft would be genuinely interesting.

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The VR device is marking enemies?

Ive heard nothing but complaints from the VR users of aircraft being invisible until you are nearly ramming into them.

I’ve heard that too. But I’ve also heard that once you go VR, you can’t go back.

As far as the above mentions about tracking enemies, that’s the first time I’ve heard of that one.

Yeah same here.

And yeah, I get it. Ive started playing around with Ai Track/Open Track and it is good. But I cant imagine Id ever want to touch WT without VR if I got it. That does sound like really fun. Especially with HMD.


Just a TrackIR user myself. I do want to try VR one day.

Yeah, I might upgrade to that at some point. Im sure it works a lot better. but my next Sim upgrade will be pedals.

Pedals are a game changer! I went two years without them, in ignorant bliss of what I was missing out on.

I hear with VR, you can see around the the nose of aircraft, because 3d vision. I could only imagine how beneficial that is.

Oh yes that sounds awesome. Especially for carrier landings.

as for pedals yeah. Ive been trying out lower BR jets without SAS mode recently and my good, my wrist from the yaw control needed. No wonder I struggle in props and havent really tried them yet.

I have no doubt they will change everything for me.

Sir, you have been trolled. There is no such capability (without some sort of illegal software running).

I have one of the better VR headsets (at least as far as 2021) and even when the enemy isn’t invisible you can’t really identify what you’re looking at until you’re within a few hundred feet.

It’s true that you can’t go back to playing on a flat screen though, even with the disadvantages the immersion is too fun.

Yeah you can stand up and look around the nose but it’s not really worth it. You can also peak out the window (because you clip through the walls) but again, rarely if ever useful. - and you can do these things with TrackIR too.

Actually spotting in WT is the best there is in VR.
At least last i checked the other games.

It was really bad in il-2 BoS, there you could not see any plane further than 500m away.

WT is fine you can easily spot planes against the air miles away. Against the ground it depends on the surface you are spotting against but it isn’t too bad either.

It used to be an advantage in spotting back when spotting was dependent on Resolution when low res made the dots bigger.

But i think it’s decent at the moment.

Because the claim is BS. It would create nausia if the headset would spot for you. Since it would move on it’s own creating motion sickness.


Also that. Very much.

Haha, yeah, really trolled!

Or maybe he was talking about HMD’s which of course are possible to use with VR headsets (but in many cases incomplete (Gripen) or outright buggy (F-16C)).

Spotting is fine in Air Sim, but in tanks it’s difficult (Quest 2).

Could try out a Quest 3 for a match or two: much better already! Much crisper image!

Yo can track enemies in VR the same you would track them in real life, turning you neck and following them with your eyes as long as the canopy allows visibility.

Yep. No joke: When I fly with VR, I actually warm up and loosen neck and shoulders before “climbing” into my homepit…