SB Brs are better than RB Brs

I just looked up the Battle Ratings for Sim battles, and they look way more balanced. You can try this out. When you click on the tech tree, you can choose between AB, RB, and SB rewards, and BRs. This can be found at the bottom right. For example, the F104A and C are at 9.7, while other planes like the MiG-15 and F86 are still at 8.7, which makes everything way more balanced. Some BRs may need further adjustment because the F-104G at 10.0 is somewhat excessive. However, most BRs look pretty balanced, and it would be nice if Gaijin could update it as they have for Sim battles right now. Some Brs aren’t completly perfect at the moment For example the Mig23ml which isn’t balanced on 11.0. But it looks overall way better then the Brs for the planes right now in air RB.

BRs in Sim also are less relevant due to fixed lobby system with known BR and map upfront. Therefore most/all aircraft gets to be guaranteed top tier at least in one rotation, thus nothing stops Starfighter enjoyers to play one and only rotation where they are highest BR with little to no counters.


Meanwhile MiG-23ML and FG.1/FGR.2

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Yeah I said some Brs are not good at the moment

Just look at the Brs. I want this BR system for RB because it makes more sense

Until you notice UK Phantoms or Mig-23ML. Or US Crusaders for that matter, where better aircraft is at lower BR.

Sim merely shuffles compression elsewhere, doesn’t fix anything besides changing source of hate boner.

However, rotation BR is actually good solution for fixing BR blackhole issues because you don’t need to play uptier games anymore.

Yesn’t. Sure, you can just skip playing when you aren’t top tier, but it also means everyone and their mom WILL put the best feet forward because WHY you would play underdogs besides meme/challenge material?

As I said it isn’t completly perfect rn.

Isn’t it even more balanced when there are only aircraft with the same BR in the same game just like F-2 Sabre/Hunter F.1 vs MiG-17/CL-13A?

The “challenge” should be a player’s choice and should not be dictated by the RNG or BR blackhole.

You assume aircraft of equal strength are given equal BR, which isn’t necessarily the case.

SB BRs are balanced around different requirements. in RB, things like radar performance, IFF and cockpit visibility mean nothing. But they mean everything in SB.

Additionally, uptiers are entirely optional. Meaning you actually get engagements between aircraft of equivalent performance

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If some vehicle are overpowered in that BR, a rotating BR would makes to move that vehicle’s BR much faster than it currently does because it doesn’t suffer by uptier games.

Also, just as the Ju 288C spam lowered the Fw 190 D-13, it would fix a problem that negatively affected the stats of a vehicle that was fine with BR.

But that isn’t the proplem. using the SB BRs for RB battles would make the game way better. Some planes wouldn’t be balanced atm for example the Mig23ml but I guess thats just the premium bonus.

Generally speaking, maybe. Though I think the RB addition Id prefer is the SB brackets rather than the random +/- 1 BR system we have currently. Hard brackets like we have in SB would fix sooooo many issues with RB

Yeah but Gajin doesn’t care

Then you discover people jumping to next best stat stick, as well BR compression.

F104 in 9.3 lobbies dominates, gets moved to 9.7, so people jump to next best thing at 9.3 or move on to play elsewhere. Meanwhile 9.7 Starfighter starts struggling stat wise, so less and less people play it → no statistical evidence for the snail to buff it.

Rinse and repeat until you move all aircraft in BR, restoring initial balance and cycle repeats.

Sounds really good for me because almost all early supersonics that ruined Jet RB match can go 9.7s and 9.3 subsonics such as Hunter FGA.9 and J32B, Shenyang F-5 would be playable again.

Also, almost all early supersonics are really fine even they moved up to 9.7 unless they don’t face against all-aspect missile carriers.

Except F104 wouldn’t be the only change. Subsonics when they are top tier themselves and club shit would be included.

Yeah EEL, MiG-19s, early MiG-21s was good counterpart of F-104A/C so, all of them should be 9.7.
Probably the only supersonic aircraft capable of sitting at 9.3 is the F-100A/D because it was really fine at 9.7s when we had BR hard cap in 2020.

If these aircraft serve as counterparts to other aircraft, their statistics would not differ significantly from the statistics of other aircraft.

At least as of the current 9.3s, the only subsonic aircraft that could potentially change the BR is the A-4N, which should not have been in 9.3 because of its AAMs.