SB BR overhaul is needed

I think EC9 has bigger issues, mainly a lack of jets that are meant for that bracket. pretty much only F-14s, F-16s, Migs-29s and Yak-141s.

Just need more time for more jets to be added to help balance that bracket out. With also nothing higher than 12 at the moment, there is a larger overlap than there should. When we get 12.3 + 12.7 jets added. then EC9 can be only 11.7+, maybe even 12+ and 11s/11.3s that should never face 12s, wont have too.

That being said, I do agree. we need an RWR overhaul and I think they need to make radars more advanced to allow for things like ECM to be added.

But if its an EC9 day, then what? Just not play the game? I think when we get more BR brackets, then they need to remove the 11-12 and 11.3-12 days. They do suck for a lot of people. But this is a natural and avoidable problem at the moment. What doesnt make sense is the random nature of BR allocations though. Some jets are at 10.7/11 are laughing when identical 11.3s are struggling vs 12s.

Yes, let’s make War Thunder like DCS …

Why do you insist in wanting to win BR12 planes with BR11 planes ? If you take a BR11 plane, go on BR11 battles, it’s simple.

If you wanna fight an F-16, get a Mig29, simple.

Yes, RWR is crap, they need to improve it. Sometimes I get locked by the rangefinder of plane that are 1km in front of me going the same direction.

And yes, it would be nice some improvements in radars.

But no, we don’t need full fidelity systems with no auto mode as he says, we want fast matches, not DCS.

What if your nation doesnt have an f-16 or Mig-29? Tornado F3 is the best britain has and its currently 11.7

You have 2 choices:

  • Don’t play top tier
  • Play top tier knowing your plane is worst … you’ll improve as pilot ;)

F3 is a joke, it should be the same than the ADV. An both are interceptors, not fighters …

Also, 11.7 planes don’t have a day where they are top BR, but that will change one day, like it happened recently with 10.7, 11.0 and 11.3 planes.

But, in any case, it doesn’t make sense to make WT like DCS, even in SB what people want here if fast action. If I want full fidelity systems, I go to DCS.

Also, it’s not the case of the person complaining, he bought the F-4S, he wanted to buy a premium jet and kill top tier jets easily, without grinding the tree.

I think there is a middle ground between accuracy/high fidelity systems, and simple/fun gameplay. Areas like RWR and CCRP could certainly do with overhauls and I would like more advanced systems for things like bomb release patterns

I think there is a lot of improvments that can be made, and should be made. whilst still maintaining the simpler gameplay. As for the F4s, well, they are a bit random. and need some standarisation.

The Phantom FGR2 is at 10.7, the Premium F-4J(UK) is 11.3. They are identical in all respects except the FGR2 has better engines. Under those conditions, you can understand why anyone in the Premium Phantom would be pissed, and I guess something similar might be happening with the American Premium F4 as well. They seem to have a higher BR only because they are premium. For the record ,the Mig-23ML has a lower BR in SB compared to ARB at 11.0.

Please don’t bring up AB or RB for comparison. It’s not useful or comparable given the differences in game mode. If you were to compare BRs, do it within SB itself without using other modes as a baseline, it’s pointless.

I didnt… Mig-23ML has a BR of 11.0 in SB (which is lower than its RB rating which is all i mentioned) but if the premiun phantoms have 11.3 only because they are premium, then why is the Mig-23ML 11.0. Surely it too should be at 11.3.

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Yes yes, I agree with that, but not force every user to do everything on “manual”

Oh yeah, agreed. The key thing for WT is not an absence of high fidelity. Its for it to be optional


Any comment on why so many aircraft didnt see changes in the latest BR change?

Tornado F3 still unplayable at 11.7. F4J(UK) still at 11.3 despite being worse than the FGR2 at 10.7 and many many other aircraft that never even got a looking at this time round, just need to read through this thread to see dozens of examples.

I don’t know if this has been mentioned but the F-4F is at 11.0 in SB while the F-4E and the Kurnass are still in 10.7 despite the fact that they both carry more AGM’s and better AAM’s
It would be nice to see the F-4F getting it’s BR lowered to 10.7

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all of the F4s need looking at, there is no logic behind their BR allocation. Im fairly certain they just pull a BR out of a hat


Agree with F-5E

Slow, bad radar with no IFF, only 2 missiles, forced to dogfight to kill someone.

It should be max 10.7, but 10.3 is better.

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With sea harrier frs1 with 4x 9L and the same radar at 10.7, heck fgr2 with 4x 9gs and 4x skyflash at 10.7, that makes no sense for the F5E to be any higher than 10.7

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