Russian teams are dominating 7.7 to 8.7 now

I’m facing the same tanks I was before all of this and more, it’s literally worse than it was after this supposed decompression, best case scenario it’s identical, nothing has changed except 6.0 being slightly better.
6.3 gets slaughtered by France and Russia more than ever.

They are currently selling for around $650 USD on the marketplace. No way they are going to touch that kind of profit. It is too much easy money for them to fix it.

Leo2A4 has been 10.3 for a while now.

Still is part of the overall decompression.
One decompression event is not the whole thing.

No, that was quite recent. Within a few months at most.

No vehicle has been entirely invalidated by “advanced munitions”. Just because someone can pen the ufp of a tiger 2 doesnt make the tiger 2 useless

No, but most heavies in game are overtiered and unable to play like heavies. T32, Tiger II, Jagdtiger, Tortoise, Maus, Black Prince, even the T95 to an extent. Advanced ammo does not make these vehicles useless, but it makes them less competitive.

I will never tire of repeating this: mobility is always an advantage. That goes double for a game built around capping points. When light vehicles are faster, have a much better rate of fire AND better penetration, plus are unnaturally survivable due to questionable damage models, plus they lower the cost of spawning CAS, heavies simply can’t compete.

There’s no point carrying around extra armour that won’t actually stop an incoming round. Until that is accounted for in balance, the power creep will remain an issue.

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It’s just most people generally take things for granted like they want to have their cake and eat it too, like they already have the speed advantage yet they want to take away the only thing going for the slowbois which is armor lol

And does this tells anything? This only makes it easier for their tricks. For example the ammo length (which directly affects the pen) of DTC10-125 are calculated without its fin while 3BM42 do. It would be even better if they use documented/historical pen.

Well look at the 279 now, this is what happens when heavies arent overtiered. Look at the KV-1B and KV-1E, they are just more examples of broken heavies that are broken because not a lot can kill them effectively, look at the M4A3 105, again, a vehicle with effective armour that is unpenatrable by tanks at its br and lower. The problem with the Tortoise and T95 is not their armour, its their weakspots and the fact that you can neutralise any vehicle by shooting its barrel. the tiger 2’s are still very effective vehicles, and were before these decompression changes, just because there are some things that can pen you, doesnt mean that everything can, or that you can be consistently disabled with one shot. The maus is not a very effective vehicle an im glad it isnt, because any lower in br than it is and it becomes a clubbing vehicle. The T32’s are strange ones but can definitely still be effective vehicles at their current br’s, they have a good gun, their turret armour can stop a lot of the things they will get shot by, and their mobility is not bad. The Jagdtiger suffere more because of its long reload and poor mobility than other things ability to pen it. When played passively and sat hull down in it it is still a fine vehicle as far as the reload will allow. The black prince is just sad, like most of the churchills.

Wdym, it is so badly overtiered that it just sucks.9.7 24/7

I look that the 279 with pity because it is so neutered and wasted Potential. Completely useless to play now.

I don’t have too much experience with the 279, though I did discover that the Jagdtiger frontally pens it under ideal (and lucky) circumstances. Won’t comment too much on that.

As to the rest… like you say, not all heavies are born equal. Tiger IIs for instance have great gun handling and sufficient mobility (esp. the Sla), so they are arguably not sacrificing everything for their armour, and thus shouldn’t rely on it to stay alive; great pen, great reload, great reactivity means that for balance reasons they should be reasonably pennable from the front.

Things become much worse when talking about vehicles that really do sacrifice everything for their armour, because Gaijin won’t allow them to benefit from that protection, because god forbid players think tactically about how to engage these vehicles, and use their brains. Especially those with high mobility.

I face the T95 a lot when I play the Jagdtiger. Cupola shots are a one-shot kill, but are not always viable beyond a certain distance or in certain environments, and even if I barrel it, that doesn’t allow me to flank it, because the .50s will instantly track me. Never have I thought to argue that it needs to be upped in BR, because I understand that if you take its frontal immunity away, that vehicle has nothing to contribute to the game. And like I always say, the only reason for a vehicle being in-game, is so that people will use it. It has to be worth spawning it.

For what it’s worth, I actually think the Maus is an excellent tank, it’s just that very few people who own it, bother to actually play it the way it should be played. And admittedly, it’s unique enough that many standard RB skills don’t transfer well. But take simulator for example, in SB it faces no ATGMs and very little in the way of pure postwar ammo. And I wouldn’t say it’s unbalanced there. I’ve had great games with it in sim, but also games where a T-54 managed to flank and ammorack me, or where a Tu2 managed to bomb me in the early minutes of the game.

It’s a problem for the enemy team, but not an insurmountable one.

I’ll close out with the Jagdtiger because I think it’s going to drive my point home, or so I hope. Look at what you said:

And note that I essentially agree, but this has consequences if you stop and think about it. This is a game built around capping points, but when playing the JT you have to worry about Fiats and AUBLs, or IKVs, or M50 Ontos, suddenly popping up on your flank if you just go for the cap. So that means you need to get to a good hull down position early, and hope for the best.

This passive playstyle is not suited to winning games, even if you have good marksmanship - I lost a game on 38th Parallel where I scored 13 kills with it, and died 50sp away from the nuke, for example. It also draws CAS to you like flies, especially if you do kill a flanker in a go-kart that got a cap and a kill and is immediately gonna fly to you for revenge bombing. You can relocate, and dodge bombs to some degree, but it’s a further layer of handicap.

And then you’ll get all the usual insults - camper, skill issue, play the objective, you’re useless being defensive etc etc.

Net result: if I’m playing to win, I feel like taking it out is a detriment most of the time. Oh look a CQC map, I should spawn in the JPz instead. Oh look a 7.7 uptier, better use the LeK. Fast forward to the end of the evening, and I’ve maybe used it twice.

Whereas if I specifically say “I want to play the JT tonight”, I’ll have to accept I’m in for a frustrating time.

Certainly some of it is skill issue on my part, but I also think there’s a balance problem with heavies like this.

Documented pen is classified, and the penetrations are already accurate in WT based on the equation.

KV-1E/B & M4A2 are strong, but not OP.
Obj 279 is lolpenned by everything at its own BR & up.
Not Obj players fault they’re coming across players not comfortable with aggressive gameplay.

maybe in the armour pen simulator, but in practice, no, also penned does not equal disabled or killed. This is really simple, if you are denying the 279 is too powerful at its current br, and that the KV-1E and 1B are not too strong at their current br’s you are denying reality. simple as. there is no more to be said

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My actual gameplay experience tells a much different Story. Very easy to pen, especially from the front and in 9.7 uptiers, and if it does not kill, then it is almost always the Barrel, breech, turret Ring, gunner or all of that disabled.

I am sorry dear and most highly esteemed Gaijin Mouthpiece, but the Gameplay experience of the Object 279 is miserable and overtiered, there is no more to be said.

Since it’s classified, how could it be “accurate”? Please finish your primary school, pupil.

Not really, every nation has their own method of determining pen. That’s why Gaijin went with the formula to standardize all the pens in the first place.

I one-shot Obj 279s at-BR consistently with HEATFS.

Cause the formula is known accurate, and is more fair than trusting governments.

M829A2 pen in-WT: 680mm at 2km.
Alleged pen done via testing: 700mm.
The alleged pen could be exaggerated, but they’re close enough to not matter.

Every nation has this issue between 8.0 - 9.3 and has had so for a while. You’re either playing a Go-Kart like the Type 16P/Rooikat/TAM/OF-40 MTCA, some other overpowered premium or cheese vehicle like the AFT-09/279, playing classic MBTs like the M60/Chief/Type 74(E/F/G)/Leopard A1A1/T-55A/62 is not a fun experience if you even get slightly uptiered.

HEATFS and APDS have a high chance of getting absorbed by the driver due to the placement and the shape of the internal cavity. Meanwhile, the 130mm has a reload similar to a lot of 105mms and OHKs nearly every tank at its BR.

Look at the chieftan’s effective area with the 120mm apds. Tiny lip under the turret that gets eaten by the turret ring, outline of the driver area thats very inconsistant and only the left side of the turret (which doesn’t include the gunner). Meanwhile the 279 has 40% better hp/t, effective side armor, and a right side turret that most kinetic rounds can’t defeat. The 279 is not an 8.7 tank based on every other armored 8.7 vehicle.

Understand that the 279 has 15hp/t. Most T62s are around 17 hp/t. Its nearly as fast while carrying 50+% effective armor and a better gun (aphe>>> apfsds in nearly every situation, especially vs ifvs)