Russian teams are dominating 7.7 to 8.7 now

The object 279 exists and it rarely gets uptiered anymore. 7.7 to 8.7 has little to nothing that can pen it any more resulting in it usually wiping a whole team out. Centurion mark 3 vs the 279 is not a fair fight. The br changes may have stopped some of the Cold War vs WW2 issues(6.7 somehow still gets constant 7.7 matches).but now we have a whole unplayable br range where tanks from the late 40s until the 60s or so can fight the 279 and always lose because none can kill it. Anyone who doesn’t have it has to completely avoid the 7.7 to 8.7 br range unless they are using Russia.



(Just as Gaijin intended)

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It definitely is a menace, but far from being undefeatable. It seems to be somehow possible for DM13 APDS to actually oneshot an obj279, I have no clue how the hell that would happen but I have seen it. Also DM23 APFSDS has a very good chance to go straight through it’s frontal armor so there are quite a few vehicles that can destroy a 279 with little difficulty.
There is a slight issue though, these shells are mostly used by germany so when they are matched with russia the best firepower against russian armor is just gone. Equivalent shells exist (for example Type-83 APDS is identical to DM23) but having only a few vehicles that can actually destroy the obj279 can’t be compared to having a whole team of vehicles that can easily take it out

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This was already an issue for the T32E1. Now more tanks get to join the party.

This is what all the heavy tank mains want, its why the “cold war vs WW2” is just nonsense, the tiger 2 is incredibly powerful again at 6.7 and yeah, the 279 is just broken overpowered. maybe some people will realise that wanting your vehicles armour to work all the time is tantamount to wanting to be able to club people, with noone being able to kill you.


Is it? I just got wasted by some french apfsds gokart over and over again. IS-7 is atleast playable. 279 should be 8.0 or less.

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279 has an average k/d of 5, it’s just one of those vehicles that is always going to OP and Gaijin doesn’t apply the rules to this vehicle for some reason.

You have heavy tank with the mobility of a medium tank, and can be almost unpennable from every direction in a downtier. It has a stabilizer too. I mean why not move it up in br, there are plenty of vehicles with similar capabilities at 9.0.


Then out-play them.
You know what beats Object 279 at 8.7 or less? Olifant Mk1, Chieftain 3/5, Warrior, M60, M60A1 AOS, M60 RISE, M3 Bradley, M60A2, M48A2 GA2, Leopard 1, TAM, DF105, STB-1 & Type 74, ZTZ88A/B, 59D1, M47 105, OF-40, AMX-30B2, AMX-10RC, ACRA, SK105A2, Strv 104, 103C, 91-105, Shot Kal Gimel, Magach 6, Magach 5…

You know how I didn’t die in my own 279? NO ONE SHOT ME.
105mm HEAT:


Incredibly enough, even the Jagdtiger can frontally pen it, though only in one spot, and only if unangled.


Now we came to realize why they were so enthuastic in 6.X BR decompressing.

if Gaijin could make that damn shell and cannon of Obj279 historical, then everything would be fine. But they didnt.

The only thing that could possibly be wrong is its pen is understated, not overstated.
So if it was “corrected” it would increase in pen.

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Seems you never think before you speaking. Vast documents says its pen is way less than 300mm

I don’t know about other BRs, but from experience I can tell you that the USSR in 7.7 doesn’t dominate anything, because the IS4M and the T-54 1947 aren’t very good.

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Maybe Object 906 single-handedly carries the entire br on its own lol.

Object 906 is BR 7.7 or 8.0?

If only matches were like the hangar protection analysis, time and time ago do I shoot a tank where I think it should pen, doesn’t pen, replicate it in the hangar, it pens just fine.

I’m a German main and I’m happy enough.

Gaijin don’t use documented values for pen in game. They use DeMarre formula to determine pen.