Russian teams are dominating 7.7 to 8.7 now

Late WW2 gameplay is now relieved from cold war butcher machines. Thats fine.

However … now most things between BR 7.0 and 10.0 are super compressed. From a German point of view Leopard 1 at 8.0, the second gen Leopards at 9.0/9.3 etc. are now unfun to play. They usually fail at competing with russian T-tanks and objects. Especially the Leopard 1 which lacks alot MBT features and the 9.3 ones which now permanently get uptiered to T-72 Turms-T + 2S38 level with their super thermals.

I also noticed that the 0.3 uptier of the Gepard and the Ozelot is fatal. 8.0 Leo 1 is unplayable without Radar SPAA in your lineup: After getting butchered by Objetcs, stabilized vehicles with thermals, russian T’s and advanced CAS jets + ATGM helis I gave it up. Kugelblitz can’t reach out to kill any of these threats. Air vehicles still have the same BRs, so meh.

I guess other nations have similar issues now. You might forget everything between 7.0 and 10.0, since this is new hypercompressed BR range, which should be avoided.

JaGi… lets coin the term lol

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7.0 - 10.0 was recently decompressed.
So you meant to say is they were “super compressed”.
8.0 & 9.3 German tanks were ALWAYS facing those T-series tanks. Nothing changed.

There are no thermal equipped Objects within the BR of 8.0
Nor are there advanced CAS, that goes to Germany & USA.

How can there be a “hypercompressed range” when there was no compression?
Things are literally the same for uptiers.

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I mean, I think this doesn’t really understand the problem of entire vehicles being invalidated by meta shifts involving advanced munitions

You mean ~6.0-8.7 was

No, up to 10.0.
Technically 5.7 - 11.7 was decompressed.

7.7-.9.7 was compressed.

Is it not because every single T-54/55/Type59/69 variant just got a significant reload speed buff?
I’m still annoyed by that, considering it had no source backing it up and it’s ridiculous it has the same reload speed as M48 and Chieftain

no source backing it up

what source would you even be looking for? gaijin manually chooses whatever they want the reload to be BASED on the historical reload but it can be moved far up or down for balance as long as its a human loader.

I’m still annoyed by that, considering it had no source backing it up and it’s ridiculous it has the same reload speed as M48 and Chieftain

it’s because the T-54s were (and probably still are) pretty mediocre and/or bad.

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If they were compressed, the top BR would be 11.0, not 11.7.
And if there was no decompression the top BR would be 11.3, not 11.7.

Says who?

The expansion from 11.0 to 11.7 is pretty recent. Most tanks in the recent decompression went up by 0.3. So in net terms, the trees are still less compressed now than they were a year ago.

That said, I think it’s a given that further decompression needs to keep travelling up the trees. Now it was the turn of rank IV, but it shouldn’t stop here, imho.


Also it’s clear Gaijin is still working on deciding what to do with the ground BRs.

They didn’t move everything up so 9.3 is really bad now, all the 9.3 premiums in range of the 10.3 premiums and it’s the most miserable thing ever.

I agree, but they still didn’t “decompress” the entire BR range last change.

They moved everything up.
10.3 use to be 10.0.

Nothing at 10 or 10.3 moved, but a ton of things from 8.7 and 9.0 moved to 9.0 and 9.3

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Everything at 10.0 moved up to 10.3.
Leopard 2A4, Chally Mk3, T-80B, etc.
This is common knowledge that they were 10.0 previously.

So they decompressed it, and now recompressed it, where is the decompression?
And other things already got increased in BR recently, my 9.0 lineup used to be 8.3 a couple months ago, then 8.7 and now 9.0 and 9.3.

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There is no recompression for 11.0 isn’t the BR cap for ground.