Russian missiles need a nerf on 12.3 perhaps reducing the number of total missiles from 10 to 8 for the su 27/j11 (in addition to the nerf)

It’s very complicated, play in the top tier with su27 and j11 taking 10 of the best missiles in the game.
The performance of these aircraft is not the problem, the problem is the performance of the weapons, you can’t dodge 6 R-73E and 4 R-27ER1even more so with jets like the Mirage 4k which only has 54 flares/chaff… I know that if you get close to them you win the dogfight, but that’s the problem, getting close because of the rain of 35g and 40g missiles that are Outrange in all the missions in the game and they are faster than the other missiles, making the confrontation very complicated.
After takeoff, when the confrontation arrives, the team with the most su27 and j11 simply deletes 80% of the other team in 1 and a half minutes (literally).
In addition to nerfing the performance of the missiles, perhaps it would even be a case of reducing the number of total missiles from 10 to 8… because it is very strong, it is not possible to deal with it
To manage this, you have to depend on the opponent’s skill issue, because if he has a similar skill to you, he has a huge advantage.


Artificial nerfs are not the way. Decompress. Add more counters.




Ideally the SU-27 and F-15 should be at 12.7 and the F-15 gets its AIM-120s. That would decompress and make all the F-15s not trash compared to the SU-27.

Either that or they have to fix the AIM-7Ms. They’re complete ass right now.


The F-15 would never (or at least should never) be the only jet to receive proper fox-3s

if the Americans are getting a F15 with AMRAAMs other nations going to need some to equal the playing field
this with 120s can’t find a photo

Gaijin has stated they will bring many fox-3s at once, not just 1 nation

i know but it depends how will they do it
will they give it to high performance airframes first or low performance
F15 or AV8B+
Su27 or Su25

There’s still an issue with the R73 and R27ER being unbalanced. Something has to change. Either the missiles get a nerf or all other missiles get a buff to bring it up.

The SU-27s poor maneuverability means almost nothing when we live in a missile meta.


Why is the R-73 unbalanced?

irccm, you have the largest range of ir missiles in the game, 40g of maneuver.
while you fire an r73 from 5 km away and this ability hits the target, a magic 2 when fired from over 3 km is not effective.
a python 3 that has the same maneuverability of 40g, does not have the same flare resistance as an r73.


the aim9m has a longer range and better irccm so, it’s just the us isn’t dominating so you cry foul.

It’s not an artificial nerf, it’s a necessary nerf…
it will decompress what… changed to 12.7, you will fight against 12.0 and 12.3 aircraft
It’s terrible to play in the top tier against 27/j11
It’s an intermittent rain of 30 and 40 g missiles

the only “advantage” of the aim 9m is that it doesn’t make smoke, otherwise it is inferior to the r73E


I don’t even play with USA wtf

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the IRCCM is different

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9M IRCCM is still pretty decent and R-73 IRCCM was never as good on release.

R-73 does not have the longest range… that’s ignorant. The 9M almost always travels a farther distance not only because of its motor but also because it isn’t thrust vectoring.

its get better the closer it is

It’s a fully artificial nerf. You thinking it’s necessary doesn’t mean it isn’t some bull non-sense nerf that doesn’t align with reality. We are talking about lowering missile count.

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This is incorrect. Stop using statcards as some evidence that they are not.

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use datamines too, not just the stat cards, and 5 nations have aim9ms my bad. It still doesn’t change the fact that the r73 isn’t just better, it’s only better in close in dogfights in which you can still easily flare the r73 if you pay attention, and if you’re dogfighting at that br you’re more than likely Dead anyway