Ruhrstahl X-4

The Ruhrstahl X-4 was a wire-controlled air-to-air rocket developed by the Germans. The Ruhrstahl X-4 could be attached to (multi-seat combat aircraft) Junkers Ju 88 bombers. The Ruhrstahl X-4 rocket had two wires (one under each wing) with which it was steered, for stabilisation it rotated around its own axis with one rotation per minute. The drive was a liquid rocket engine BMW 109-548 or optionally also a solid rocket engine Schmidding 109-603, whereby the rocket reached a speed of about 900km/h. The range was 3500-5500m. The rocket also had a 20kg warhead with an acoustic distance igniter from Kranich. Light sets were attached to two of the four wings, so that the shooter of the rocket knew where it was. On the other two wings, the wires were connected, which received the control pulses.


I’m not sure why it hasn’t been added yet tbh.


It was also used on the FW190 and iirc there were plans to fit it on the ME262 as well

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Do you know which specific models of Fw 190 and Me 262 it was tested on?

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190A8 afaik, but it was never physically fitted to the 262, and im unsure which variant of the 262 it was planned to be put on

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