Rp earn Need bumped up again I earn no rp per match now

SL is earned by actions.
RP is earned by activity time.

PvE Air produces exactly the same reward as before, no nerf there.

Players do not understand how RP and SL is earnt. Actions give a limited buff to RP costs (per kill etc) but has not been the way to earn research. This is done only by Premium/Premium vehicles/Boosters.

And for the person getting 400 in PvE ground, boosters do not work in PvE, only PvP modes, and you get something for winning , not losing. As long as you get about 2000 points and win you recieve maximum rewards. The other day in air due to a 5.3 (full uptier) I managed 50+ kills and got 10,000+ score, receiving the same as if I had stopped at about 20 kills, because kills are not everything (team mode meant to show how team is more important than solo score chasing).

If someone has gone from 12,000 RP to 2,000 then someone really needs to show the screen for the 12,000 so you can see how earnings are made (and probably shows the hard cap in RP before extra bonuses).

There might be a tiny adjustment as someone showed a tiny reduction in the modifier for RP on the Tiger IIs, but nothing like the big drop being brought up here.



20 minute match, victory, premium account

Plus 15% boost. It is a shame the modifier doesnt show up (for the mig, to compare), plus the BR position (up/downtier).

Seems OK (as in by previous standards).

It’s a little disappointing honestly

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RP is activity time?
Is there evidence for this?
Cause that’d explain a lot.

I haven’t used Mig-27M in a long time, seems you focused on A2A as well for an aircraft balanced around the ability to take out a base then do A2A afterward. Oh, free repairs… that could explain the lack of base bombing.

The bulk is activity time, that seems capped of course. It is whether modifiers have been altered.

I enjoy the 4x R60M’s and the 30MM, I do not base bomb

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Makes me curious how shafted strike aircraft that can bomb a base while doing A2A afterward are by focusing exclusively A2A.

I don’t really like bombing at the tier really, you’ll either eat a 7F on your way or, well, just die

No, the bulk is Time Played, Activity Time is peanuts as I got 357 RP for 98% activity in a 25 minute match. The majority of the RP (2499 in this case) comes from just derping around for 25 minutes. It looks like 100 RP for 1 minute in a match (no premium account).

Maybe they stealth nerfed one or more of the modifiers while anticipating the announced income increase per kill, but this buff got delayed until they feel like implementing it. The delay exposed their stealth nerf. I wouldn’t be surprised, as they give with one hand and take away with two.

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i haven’t experimented or verified anything but i do feel like RP gains are low, too low

@ピンク日本 @mr_boo
Some selected games from the past 2 days:


7 minutes.

6 minutes in M60.

My bad, it was 17,000RP.

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Jeez, this is quite the nerf what we have right now

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I forgot to say I have no issues with the earnings outside of ground being slower than it should be.
The point was more along the lines of earnings clearly aren’t different for me than it was say a month ago.
Obviously in the case of M46 earning 1000 RP, I didn’t even get more than a kill with it, cause I just wanted to test the new 4000 pound bomb on A2D.

What? I didn’t even bomb a base, wrong reply? the screenshot I sent was different

This is with a premium account and most have some kind of RP booster. How long were these matches? This is also RB, so you get additional bonus for that. You got 5181 RP just for flying to bomb a base or two and you didn’t even rearm while I was fighting ships for 25 minutes straight and got 2500 for time played. You don’t see anything wrong with that?

I redid the reply. Multiple people using the same avatar is annoying. Thank gaijin? Another “improvement”…

Length of play with vehicles are shown in the screenshot or just above in text.
I also played air RB which has higher rewards per action than arcade.
I haven’t played naval yet this update so I have no reward tables for naval RB at this time.

I do have premium account tho, if I stopped having a premium account I wouldn’t be able to be certain in my statements as my data would be corrupted.

As for boosters, the game throws boosters at me. I have another active as we speak that I’m not using.
Use em or lose em. It was 10% for the 17k RP one.

With respect, you’re reading it wrong.

The last big chunk of RP on your scorecard is RP from battle activity. This is a non-linear value that is roughly equal to score you got/active time*proportion of time played in each vehicle.

So it’s roughly equivalent to score. So the reward for a kill or other activity is split across the one-time kill reward, which is separated at the top, and the score-based amount, which is all lumped together at the bottom.

When people say you get “SL for kills and RP for time” what they really mean is the score-based reward portion for activity is what gets you most of the RP and the one-time reward portion gets you most of the SL for that kill.