Rp earn Need bumped up again I earn no rp per match now

Weird of you to claim I know it all when I do not know it all.
I am earning about the same in M60 Ariete as I have since I’ve purchased it since it became a GE premium. Slight uptick with the econ update this year, overall not fast, but not too slow.

I empathize with you about ground RP earnings, I ain’t saying they’re good; they’re just not nerfed.
I don’t need to be a dev to keep track of my earnings over the years.
I haven’t seen over 10,000RP in a ground match since I was going up Japan in 2019.
19th with M60 Ariete I was earning ~6500RP a match on 5 kills. They were fast matches, less than 10 minutes.

Again, not saying this is good, I’m just saying this is the pattern.

He’s literally a gaijin spy XD. He’s on the payroll that’s why he claims the game is perfect and there is no bias

Stop claiming the game is perfect; it’s not perfect.
Also it’s a rule violation to impersonate staff, you’re obviously not a staff member as you don’t have an icon next your name. No one here is.

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Yeah, but you’re using a premium. A lot of us can’t afford premiums if you use just base model tanks, you earn little to no RP per match


Your the one claiming it’s perfect

He’s the one that posted this. I’ve never said this and never will

I know how the forums work XD you just act like you’re on the payroll because of how much you idolize gaijin

Literally this ^

When did I post that the game is perfect, I myself have criticized the game multiple times.

You’re making it seem like it’s perfect by saying it doesn’t have flaws you know just like you said Uptiering and downtiering isn’t busted and it doesn’t need removed

I literally criticized the game in this thread.
And the matchmaker is the tightest matchmaker in the industry, most decompressed, and it could use with another +15% decompression at least from my preliminary math a year back.

@hjnbnb Funny how you’re claiming to be a critic like myself after I critiqued the game and called out your stuff.
The fact you claim critics are the ones that idolize Gaijin while claiming to be a critic like us…
You called yourself an idolizer.

Ok buddy

Yeah, no kidding

Have you seen your past threads???

No. No I don’t

No. No I didn’t

Then don’t accuse critics of being idolizers.
And yes, all my previous posts are statements of fact, critiques, and information seeking.
At no point have I ever claimed War Thunder to be anything other than flawed, while retaining the best game in the genre title.
Cause you can be the best while being flawed, yes it’s possible.

You’re the idolizer

Why are War Thunders’ critics the real idolizers?

Stop responding to the troll, I’m giving up XD

Ah, so critics are insult to you…
Funny how you accuse people of idolizing, then you tell everyone to ignore War Thunder’s critics.

Look how pathetic the RP income is per kill here (it’s Arcade). 828 RP for 8 kills and 163 RP for 5 assists. That’s 6 cruiser kills and 2 destroyer kills… AND A WIN. This is BR 6.0 in a 6.3 match, so no small potatoes. I had 98% activity rate and the match lasted 25 minutes (!!!).

Yeah, you get some SL trinkets (20% booster), but most of the RP is from just being in the match. No wonder gaijin has a problem with botting. You can make RP just by hiding. smh

Yes, they were talking about increasing the per kill income and grind discount, if you have a top BR vehicle in the nation, but they just keep postponing it over and over again.

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Thought it was arcade.
Thanks for the reminder of a reason I stopped playing arcade naval.
Naval RB is easier while providing far more rewards.
Gaijin does like to incentivize realistic battles it seems, cause naval RB is rather good rewards.

Also this is the first & last postponement of the features they intended to have finished this major update.
Our patience will be rewarded in that regard.