Rp earn Need bumped up again I earn no rp per match now

Buff up the RP earn I got an ace in my MiG-23ML and only earned 2000 rp also cheaters are horrible rn but only earning 2k RP for 5 player kills in ARB is pathetic before I was earning 10-20k RP for an ace you guys didn’t help the grind of the game you made it so much worse please fix it this is horrid


That’s the point, they have always stealth nerfed the RP and SL income. They’ve been doing this from the very beginning. They take away when people are not looking: “oooh, a new trinket.” Yoink! People start revolting and gj improves the income… temporarily. This is a very shady practice.
I tried Assault mode, got a first place and a loss… and a 75% RP booster for one game and something like 400 RP for the match, because gajin has decided that most of the AI tanks in a DESERT map will be heavies. That’s while most of the team doesn’t even have a shell upgrade in a stock tank. Meanwhile all AI has Ace crew and can snipe you on the go over a sand dune, at full speed and without a stabilizer from 1 km away. Been grinding my upgrade tier III Sabot round for ages with the stock APCR. What a waste of time, unless you win the match, which very rarely happens at certain BRs.


Maybe what they need is review bombed again because that actually seem to work for a little while now they’re back to making the game even worse than it was before no


There is no nerf to RP and SL income. Literally identical since the buffs earlier.

And of course people like @Bdog_Playz want to propose toxicity cause they’re earning too much.
That never works, stop with the toxic proposals. And demanding people not speak on an open forum is silly. Stop having wrong takes and people won’t oppose them.

War Thunder isn’t perfect, and there aren’t hidden nerfs.
Ground RB’s rewards while haven’t been nerfed seems to require some improvement.


It’s not a toxic proposal when they are literally nursing the RP earn. I have a screenshot before the update and after the update of me earning like 12,000 RP and then after the update only earning 2000 RP they are nursing the RP because they folded everything together to make it “easier to grind“

^ Literally this. They reduce the amount of RP needed, but “Hey psst while they are looking at that we’ll take their RP away”

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That’s for 4 vehicles taken out and getting 2 kills that used to be 15k RP and 60k SL

No it didn’t, but it was more than 2500

It was only 300 something for the actual kills

And I earned 14,000 RP in a Viggen C match on 4? kills within the last day.
I earned over 12,000,000SL casually playing the last event.
And you can tell the battles in last week I’ve played by clicking my name: 80. Not as much cause brand new update and warming back up alongside a day waiting for replacement SSD, still more than enough to have data.

Oh, ground… lol you were never earning 12,000 RP on ground outside of long 12+ minute matches using a premium vehicle. Yeah ground rewards also haven’t changed, you also didn’t do much that match.

RP earnings are literally the same.

12 million SL on the last event the last last update it so that statement immediately goes out the window

Your so incredibly wrong

14000 isn’t difficult in a JA37C

Fr tho 🤣🤣🤣

Just ignore Razer there is literally no point in replying to him. Never will be


SL earning multipliers have not changed.
I’m earning the same RP I’ve been earning since the econ update I forgot when it was.
The only thing nerfed was heli PVE.
I play all modes outside arcade this last year.
I’m rather in-tune with rewards cause I’ve created metas for earnings.

LOL! Don’t tell others to ignore all people with knowledge, they’ll never learn to have an easier time with the game.


Don’t worry, I don’t

What did I do to them?

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He isn’t making my life worse Rossville you are you think you know it all but clearly you’re not looking at it as a whole you probably have top-tier almost everything however, 7.7 I am earning 4000 RP per match with two or more kills that is about half of what it used to be. It is absolutely horrible. You think you know everything about the game but you’re not a dev you don’t know what they are doing in hiding from us. Every single one of my squadron members can agree that RPR and has been mega Nerfed my squadron Leader was playing the F-16C the new F 16 and would get a killing only earn 200 RP

Who am I starting wars with? I’ve replied to maybe 8 of your posts, and idek who you’ve seen me “fighting” with

RP and SL have been nerfed