(Rooikat ZT3/35mm) Exploring the Exporting world of South Africa

Would you like to see the Exploration Rooikat ZT3/35mm in the game?

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How should the Rooikat ZT3/35mm be implemented into the game?

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What BR should the Exploration Rooikat ZT3/35mm be introduced at?

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What line should the Exploration Rooikat ZT3/35mm be in

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During the Development of the Rooikat 105mm a secondary project was being worked on. This would be the Rooikat 35mm Recon/Command variant Dubbed the Exploration Rooikat. The South African Defence Force at the time decided to test a proof-of-concept vehicle housing a GA-35mm cannon which can fire NATO Standard ammunition (including APDS) at 550 rounds per minute with a velocity of 1175 meters per second. The total ammunition pool would be as Denel have stated, 300 rounds. A test variant with the ZT3 launcher connected to the left of the vehicle containing 4 missiles on the side of the turret that would be deployed when stationary (although there is another variant using the 3-missile pod found on the ZT3A2 in-game on the centre of the roof used for testing that didn’t require being stationary) and the loading process would require the loader to expose their upper body to load. The result of removing a main cannon and adding a 35mm that could support infantry led to the weight being reduced and a crew of 3. The vehicle technology-wise would be identical to the rooikat 105mm, having passive IR and thermal imaging. (NOTE: Due to the nature of this vehicle it is very hard to find information. There are a few references that can be used in-game, such as the Rooikats and the ZT3A2)

Distinguishing Features:
The two key features unique to this vehicle are the 35mm GA-35 cannon in the main cannons usual position and the ZT3 missile launcher pod. A few smaller details are that there is less crew by 1 and may be more mobile due to less weight by 2 tons. It is the same chassis as the rooikat 105mm and uses an almost identical turret just with a smaller mount zone for the GA-35. It can fire APDS however due to it being able to fire standard NATO ammunition, most likely being DM23 (this would make more sense for this vehicle to have rather than a vehicle focused on being a self-propelled-anti-air vehicle).

The Rooikat 35mm command variant(For reference with the GA-35 cannon):

The Rooikat 35mm with ZT3 Ingwe missile launcher mounted on top of the turret:

A Rooikat ZT3/35mm during testing:

Technical Data:
Dimensions: 8200mmx2900mmx2800mm (Length-Width-Height)
Weight: 26000 Kg
Ground Clearance: 400mm
Armour: Hull:25mm/25mm/20mm Turret:25mm/25mm/15mm
Armament: GA-35 Cannon, ZT3 Ingwe Launchpod(both 3 and 4 missile variants) 7.62mm MG4 Browning Machine gun
Speed: 120 Km/h on road 70 Km/h off road



+1, the variant with 3 ATGMs would be awesome as the Ingwe on the ZT3A2 should be able to be fired on the move, so the Rooikat should receive that capability as well, and the 4 ATGM variant can be a squadron vehicle


And 9.7 seems a little low…having 3 ready to fire ATGMs with a 35mm gun and high speed, im thinking 10.0 atleast maybe 10.3. The Ingwe is a laser riding Tandem ATGM, and DM23 too and it can fire on the mmpve with the 3 barrel ATGM, which is the model id vote for

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the zt3a2 cant fire on the move so i couldnt imagine the rooikat would either, even though in real life it could

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The ZT3A2 ingwe missile specifically has the ability to fire whilst on the move but for balancing factors I doubt that would be implemented on either vehicles

That just sounds like a typical gaijin misstep. Its strange the ZT3 in game doesnt.

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The bmp 2m was 8.7 and can fire on the move with 4 better missiles


that’s a whole different level of imbalanced though sadly.

I’ve wanted this in the game ever since I first found out about it!

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Definitely would like to see this in-game.

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I would love for this to be added, but i don’t think it will anytime soon, since Great Britain didn’t see any top tier additions recently, let alone capable light vehicles…
But still would absolutely rock the ZT3 missile Rooikat variant at top tier, would be a very decent support vehicle since Britain lacks in every way regarding that…

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