Rockets and Bases

I am hoping to get an official answer about the damage that Mighty Mouse FFARs (and equivalents) do to bases. Was this damage change intentional or unintentional?

I ask this as before this most recent update the Mighty Mouse FFARs took around 250 rockets to kill a single base in Air Realistic. Now it takes around 100 and the planes that can carry 250+ have absolutely flooded the game and made ground striking bases impossible for anything carrying bombs.

It is to the point where no plane with bombs at 10.3 and up can make it to a base with bombs equipped before they are all destroyed. This struggle is compounded further by the expectation to loiter for 5 minutes in order to hit a base on respawn. That is pretty unrealistic to do since if you approach anyone within 5km then you get spotted and all stealth is lost.

I bring this here as suggested by the Gaijin support team, and I really hope someone can give an official answer regarding this subject.


Even much lighter rockets now appear to do a lot more damage. Noticed it during the event in SB in the Sea Harrier FRS1 and Phantom FG1. Use to be able to dump a full payload of rockets into a base and probably not do much damage, now it will probably kill the base. (at least mostly in the Sea Harrier with only 2 pods)

Rocket damage to bases seems to have increased dramatically

Can get almost a half base with 36x 7.5cm Frida Rockets. So yeah, something was changed, probably to make it easier for rocket vehicles, dispute realistically having no pro’s over bombs for the most part.

I think this was changed when WT said small, more numerous bombs/rockets will gain more XP and points compared to a larger lesser bomb. This means that bringing 16x 100lbs is more profitable to bomb a base rather than 5x 1000lbs. That’s why Phantoms and F-111A only carried rockets and proceed to annihilate airfield and bases during events.


Do you have an official source for them saying that? I have heard of a “small bomb bonus”, but have never seen any official correspondence on the matter. I just know the change for rockets specifically was around this last major update.

Yea, it’s a really weird thing to have just seemingly happen. Thats why I’m hunting for an official word on the matter.

I did test out the Buc with 28x 540s vs 16 x 1000s (during event) . Wondering the same thing but I didnt notice a huge amount of difference in score gen. Though wasnt the most thorough of tests

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Yep, Shadow changes happen now and again and it drives me nuts. like when they increased the HP of bases slightly, with no patch notes. Went from 6x Mk83s for a base kill to I think 6.5x Mk83s. Was so minor, it was almost petty and it was really annoying. Thank god it was undone

Not really, but I did test that myself. Su-25T with 160x S8 rockets yield 700 Score for a single base, compared to my 12x 250kg bomb from J-11 that yield only 599 Score. If you want to compare the score of a single plane then Su-25T with 40x S8 rockets, 2 Kh-29TE, 2 Kh-25ML, and 16 Vikhr can destroy a base but only yield around 640 Score with 12 Vikhr remaining.

This changes actually why F-111A can score 7.3k(!) in a single takeoff using hundreds of FFAR rockets and attacking airfield in SB during event and grind it fast.

I did some testing and whatnot after this change, and I ended up with numbers for the US Mighty Mouse rockets dealing 7 times more damage than the 500 lb bombs. I did the math with 114 rockets against the 10 500 lb requirement for a base kill and it came out to that 7x damage based on the base health that you can see on the completed battle screen’s breakdown.

Yep. Rockets are kinda insane at the moment

Yes, it is having a large negative effect as the rockets are much much lighter than even a single base worth of bombs. The Kfir Canard was the best base bomber at 10.7 to 11.7 and now you can’t beat an F4-S to a base with bombs even though you can hit mach 1.15+. The rockets in Sim are pretty troublesome too because of the vastly improved flight performance of rocket carrying planes against bomb carrying planes.

Quick and dirty test

SB, Buc S2 vs an AF

28x MK.M2 540s (150kg per. 4200kg total) generate Approx 1284 score
16x H.E. M.C. MK13s 1000s (296.48kg per, 4743.68kg total) generate approx 898 score.

So more small bombs do actually seem to generate more score.

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Smaller bombs deal more damage to bases too. It takes 18 250s, but 10 500 lb bombs to kill a base (US 10.0+ bombs. The system doesn’t make much sense, but I’m going to try to combat that.

I’d fly out with 1 bomb equipped to get a solid damage number for the top tier US bombs, but I’d rather punch myself in the balls then to try for games to hit a base with a single bomb for the value of each one.

Haha, I shall have a play with British bombs for you. Try and get “1 bomb =” numbers for you.

Hard data is always needed for this

Screenshot 2024-01-20 043239
(Most ungodly loadout i’ve ever equipped to an aircraft: )

Yeah, just use like a KG of explosive mass in rockets and small bombs. It will yield much more points.

You have to do it 1 at a time per game to see the damage against the base health of 25900. If you use multiple weapons its difficult to differentiate the damage if it happens to closely.

For damage only numbers. Yep I probably would need to

but for score. I got the data

SB, Jaguar Gr1A vs base

1000lb H.E. M.C. Mk.13 (296.48kg) = 0.296 bomb tonnage and 95 score
540lb MC.Mk2 (150.4kg) = 0.15 bomb tonnage and 52 score
CRV7 Rocket (1.19kg) = 0.001-0.002 bomb tonnage* and 10 score
SNEB Type 23 rocket (0.4352kg) = 0-0.001 bomb tonnage* and 8 score
(rockets fired at same speed, just in case speed impacts score)

For purposes of your post

On the Jag my max loads for each weapons would be

8x Mk13 (2371.84kg) (8x95 = 760)
8x 540 (1203.2kg) (8x 52 = 416) (interesting that this time it rewarded less, so maybe accumlative?)
76x CRV7 (90.44kg) (4 pods) (76x10=760)
72 x SNEB (31.3344kg) ( 4 pods) (72x8 = 576)

which, assuming numbers added up, would mean that 1000s would give the same amount of score as the CRV7. I would need to test to confirm. BUT. If I ran 8x Mk13s, I would only have 8x Mk13s. If I ran 4x CRV7 pods (for 76 rockets), I could also have 2x Mk13s and 2x Aim-9Gs at the same time . Not too mention their reduced weight and drag would make it much easier and arguably safer to hit bases in a match.

If you want me to try for other data, let me know, but you might need to suggest a methodology you want me to use. I have all British aircraft researched, so name an aircraft and weapon (ideally a jet) and I have a preference for SB not RB

Haha, good luck with that!

Gaijin has made absurd and corrosive changes to Air RB for the better part of a decade without a single mention in updates/patch notes. It’s gone from bad to worse to practically unplayable.

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