Rework some map cuz tickets issues

Some maps are really coded with ass.

How on some maps tickets go down slowly and normally while on others (Ladoga/ Tunisia and another stupid map) it only takes two attackers for the game to end in 2 minutes.

Let’s take the tunisia map, the time you take off from AF, the attackers are on the tanks in about 35s, the time you arrive (I speak obviously in props), the tickets are already at half, and then the AI come to finish the work.

I don’t understand why tickets go down so quickly on these maps, it only takes 2-3 players with three neurons connected to finish the game in two minutes flat, which is not even fun, these maps need to be reviewed from a ticket point of view, I want the tickets to be used for something but this is way too fast and stupid


Different game modes have different ticket amounts and win conditions, I don’t believe maps have an effect on ticket count but I haven’t looked at the scoreboard to actually see that ingame.

It’s more how many people on your team die, everytime someone dies you lose tickets.

There are no different game modes at all.
Tunesia is the most critical map by tickets.
On top of that one side has pillboxes every plane is able to kill, the other side has tanks, many prop fighters can’t kill at all.
When I play props I ban this map.

In my opinion the whole ticket system doesn’t fit AirRB. A better system would be to gain tickets and the side with the most tickets win. And no NPC should affect. So the whole battle is under control of the teams.


Even after playing this game for a decade I still don’t know what causes the rapid ticket bleed.

It is because they used old map layouts based on linear ticket drop (like 20 pillboxes for each side) and increased the relative ticket impact for killing one of them to compensate the artificial increase of tickets as they added respawning bases and ai planes.

Complicated to explain, but easy to understand.

Tunisia was always a pain - even before 2020 as you had a very large ticket drop for killing the 3 non-respawning bases and very few ticket bearing ground units. On Tunisia and other maps the ai tanks and pillboxes begin to shoot at each other; you were forced to kill tanks to avoid ticket defeats whilst flying for axis.

If you increase the total ticket from 2.900 to 5.000 or more, and you don’t change the number of ground units, killing one of them has a larger impact but the addition of ai planes made it even more faster because low number of actual ground units means that the six ai planes attacking your ground units are way more effective.

On top of that - killing the enemy ai planes fast enough is important as this reduces enemy tickets too.

So it is usually not just killing a few tanks that cause ticket defeats, usually 1 or 2 bases and very often all 6 of your ai planes got killed.

Imho deleting these ai planes from the map would help a lot. Imagine Poland map with undisturbed ai planes, same story, but Poland has no ai planes…

No idea why this link is not working:

It’s Poland, Poland has been insanely broken for years.