Rework Japanese tier VI plane loadout need changes, it's insulting

These planes has several equivalent in other tree with either lower BR, better Flight characteristic, better weaponry, or straight up more support technology like Countermeasures, where Fishbed SMT sees Countermeasures, R60, SARH R3R at 10.3, Italian 104 sees 9J and countermeasures at 10.7, the german one, has 4 9J and CM also at 10.7, F5C has flares despite not having one, French Jaguar got CM and Magic, China has Tigers, all the while F-104J is flareless while seeing flare usage despite the actual predicament was that, their flares was placed hidden on the airbrake, and F-1 has seen AIM-9L usage, why it hasn’t been implemented yet? the least you can do, if you don’t want to give F1 it’s 9L and 104J it’s AN/ALE-40 then crank their BR down by at least .7 BR if you want to artificially cripple their performance by not giving it weapons or defensive method.

Is this related to the fact that they’re rank VI plane, so they don’t get countermeasures like the majority of other rank six plane? in that case shank the BR because I don’t want to fight SARH with CMless plane, even in this case you still give some Rank VI plane CM that they don’t deserve like F5C or insane loadout like F3H with 4 Sparrow in 9.3, how is that fair? you hate Japan? don’t add it in the first place.

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F-104J is 10.3 next BR change, not 10.7.
F-1 would go to 11.0 with 9Ls, which would make its no countermeasures even worse.
Neither used flares IRL to our knowledge.

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SMT still holds CM and SARH at 10.3, not enough

I just put myself between them & the ground, or dodge the missile if I’m fast enough.
It’s just a radar 9B equivalent after all.

Eikō: F-104J and F-104DJ in JASDF Service is the source of this statement, Japanese starfighter has seen CM usage despite the weird position of the CM pod (Inside the airbrake flap), we can just move them to the regular Luftwaffe or Aeronautica Militare standard since this game slaps thing that shouldn’t be there anyway like F5C flares.

AIM-9L is balanced in F-1 as long as it’s upped to current Eiko BR.


There are no 4x 9Ls on supersonics below 11.3.
It’s not happening, it’s not balanced.
On top of that, F-104J’s unique flare system shouldn’t be made IMO. It’ll be fine at 10.3.

It doesn’t have to be 4 9l, they can nerf the missile load to 2 9L and put it in 10.7 and be done with it.

Then your opinion is dogshit, because every plane of it’s kind either have better missile, FM, countermeasures, or anything that helps them against missile, F-104 should not have this handicap in the first place, give it flares even if the placement is ahistorical because F5C got Ahistorical flare (worse than just having misplaced flare dispenser).

F-104J at 10.3 will be superior to the J35D at 10.3.
F-5C has its correct countermeasures, there are no fake countermeasures on any aircraft in WT. Period.

f104 cant fight a j35d also the german f104 has countermeasures at the same br of 10.3

what? you think Draken pilot will fall for the “Oh-He-Gone-Let-Me-Not-See-What’s-Behind-Me” trick that 104 can only employ with how dogshit it turns? this is sweden we’re talking about, it’s a barely functioning nation with miniscule aircraft, getting to Draken D need a lot of knowledge that you can’t just grind by being in swedish tree alone.

F-5C is F5A with refueling probe on it, there’s no indication that it carries flare because it is too early for it to have flare, it is in the same operational window as Phantom C, for it to have flare is ahistorical. the countermeasures is incorrect, should not be there. F-104J problem is not like that, it’s the fact that their CM pods are located in weird position so it is kinda invisible until you open the plane up for maintenance. F5C should not have CM, F-104 should get it’s CM pod.

Germany F-104G is 10.7.


The Draken will be burning down from the Aim-9J that was launched earlier cause it doesn’t have flares.

J? wtf? 104J only have 9P, which is a 9E with better stabilizer and control surface, other than that it’s still 9E, a non-oblivious Draken player will absolutely turn around F-104 and fight on their own term instread of letting themselves being BnZ’d by the 104.

Do you even listen to yourself?

9Ps are 9Js…
This is common knowledge.

Did you really think F-4EJ was using 9Es?

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aim 9js have a maximum of 2 kms of range on anything moving fast if you get hit by an aim 9j youre just not paying attention

At sea level.*
That increase fast as you increase in altitude.
For example, Aim-9L has a range of 18km at altitude.

Why? The Harrier already exists at 10.7 with 4x9Ls AND countermeasures
The F-1 doesn’t have Phantom tier speed, it’s slower than a Draken
F-1 would trade countermeasures for speed, seems like a fine Sea Harrier counterpart to me, even with just 2x9Ls.

The Sea Harrier [Harrier GR3 with radar] is not a supersonic aircraft that can dogfight.
F-1 is a superior platform to Harrier.

It can dogfight just fine, did it all the time in the GR.3
Countermeasures make up for it being subsonic

Just in case you didn’t notice, I KNOW about their speed difference, here’s what I think:

F-1 would trade countermeasures for speed, seems like a fine Sea Harrier counterpart to me, even with just 2x9Ls.

Can’t dogfight? Sea Harrier? wtf? are you actually serious? have you used thrust vectoring? nvm that are you actually playing top tier?

Thrust vectoring can only do so much to what is essentially a Q-5A without an AB in flight performance.
Especially when you lose all your speed.