Rework for Bombers

I am not asking for much, but the state of bombers in this game is annoyingly broken and underpowered. Your only option is to fly hoping a single fighter doesn’t see you. And Lord forbid 2 .50 caliber shots hit your tail or it will rip off.

There are numerous videos online showing strafes on bombers where they take 30mm cannon rounds and don’t immediately fold like paper. Also, gunners just do not shoot at all.

Fix bombers, make them actually worth it to play


Bombers where nerfed this hard because fighter planes were uoset that bombers could win games and it forced them to go above like 2-3km


What will make them actually worth playing?

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And you would fix bombers how exactly?. Cause 1: You have an Airspawn making it higher. People will just climb higher and idle. Defeating the point of being a bomber.

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Allow the ai gunners to work properly.
Increase their durability.
Change/provide new maps where there are many objectives, more airfields.
Bring back the 3 bases so we can bomb the airfield.
scatter objectives, bases and ground units around the map rather than slap bang in the centre in some lazy ass manner.
Increase match times.
Add AI bombers so we can form up with them.

People would only want a higher airspawn so they can safely just spawn, point nose at base and press space bar bar a few minutes later - which personally I think is just soo dumb and lazy, the most direct route off the top of a cliff is jumping off, not exactly ideal though - so i dont think airspawn should be increased so as to prevent people to use this neanderthal method.

Seeing as we are talking about bombers, I reckon I’m gonna start my day with the Wellington :)


One of the only ways to model formation flying I think in RB. Make groups per base, each flying to a different base so the bombers themselves can tag along.

This idea can be coupled with area bombing rather than the current circle target, giving rewards out to multiple players in the process. The issue will be this isn’t something you can model for both teams. You’d need to restrict the number of bombers possible on a team.

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Good idea.
I think 4 bombers is fine as is?

I honestly miss the days of 8 man super squad bombers.

2 squads of 4, queue at same time, all bombers, all same squadron.

8 man formation doing the rounds :)
God it was so fun.

that’s sounds like a standard bomber formation at least they don’t allow for the WW2 number where it was 100+ bombers.

The queue times would be painful because Gaijin has conditioned players to not like bombers (and vice versa I suppose) so you would be waiting around forever.

It is nice on that rare occurrence that bombers can form up, and run at a target, usually late in a game against the airfield.
But the WT meta now dictates that its safer to split up and hope you aren’t the one the interceptor spawns pick to go after.

What you propose is basicaly EC and that require some resources and mind behind it that have to be taken from work on next premium to be sold so probably wont happen.
All maps have copy paste layout even the base you bomb are a joke - just look at the map you fly over and you could make way better targets and bigger - but that requires actually effort in map making what this company is not know for.
The current trend is to make 1min fights on all maps just fly/drive straight and get a fight asap its a lazy approach and making it 16vs16 just made it worst.


Remove bomber limits. It’s a years-outdated relic of a mechanic from a time that doesn’t exist in WT anymore. Especially when we have things like fighters at top-tier slinging more bombs than WWII bombers. Attackers aren’t limited either.

Overhaul AI gunners, using a modified version of the Naval system. Gunners should be effective, and not merely halfheartedly fire when at throwing distance, but (like with Naval) gunners picking targets on their own should be removed; the player should have to select and assign a target for them to open fire. (The same should be applied to tank AA guns.)


Yes, this. Please this.


Gunners were OK if you had good crew skills, but they nerfed it recently so gunners don’t do much now.

Bad news if you bought gold crew skills only to have Gaijin nerf it all, no refund though lol

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I was at school today, sorry for responding late, but honestly, not even air spawn, just making AI gunners shoot, but most importantly of all

Make them take more than 2 shots before snapping like paper, bombers IRL could take multiple rounds of 30mm and stay afloat, they are “flying fortresses” not paper airplanes

Just aim. Use your mouse. Do you people seriously not know what Situational awareness is? This goes to all of you.
(Rest related for other folks, not you ham)
Another thing I wouldn’t mind us seeing bombers be more resilient, you need to consider that these bombers weren’t as resilient as you think they were because the tail was barely attached when it landed. Which was from a BF-109 and or FW-190 don’t recall ramming into it. However, in many cases, most B-17s never made it back home. So these types of stories were not at all common they were scarce.

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The playerbase needs to realize that bombing mainly exists as a way to draw in people who are interested in these aircraft, and as a method for teenagers to grind while doing their homework. It increases the number of people that Gaijin can appeal to by lowering the bar.

Gaijin needs to add more dynamic objectives so players have more of a reason to fly them. Bomber gameplay is not fun. You fly, you press spacebar. There is so little brain activity involved in what you’re supposed to be doing that I would have more fun playing cookie clicker. You can’t carry the game except by staying alive after your teammates do all the heavy lifting.

Massing together bases so bombers have an incentive to fly together and defend each other would be a good start. That plus increasing the bomber limit to maybe 5 bombers per team so you could get a bomber formation going.

As is, there is NO reason for someone to play bombers right now. Literal botting scripts were just as effective in the role 3 years ago.

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Have you ever compared what is below you on the test flight map to what is there in an actually game?

You have Cities, River boats, trains and bridges you can bomb.

The training map is far more fun than the damn game where you just hit a white circle and go home.

Why can’t one side form a squadron of bombers to bomb Stalingrad while the other team have fighters? Or just any kind of interesting scenario. I am sure that is what we all expected when we joined this game.

I joined for air but find it plain dull and ended up on GRB.ARB is like a kids game.


It would be cool to see if Bomber maybe had a bigger importance like if there was an assist for helping a Bomber shoot down a enemy plane or something it would also be cool to see more dynamic mission the could repay in the long run and short run for the game adding more content for AIr-rb


It’s not fun to you. Flying bombers is very relaxing, and satisfying when you can avoid being shot down and delete a few bases.

Generally no, but this assumes the premise that “carrying the game” is needed for the experience to be enjoyable.

There are always exceptions as well. I once won a game in my B-17 by bombing pillboxes at a couple hundred feet, was quite fun. I also once witnessed a Halifax, the last player on my team, win the match by dogfighting(!) two fighters at once.

Just remove it. It was added years ago when bombers ending games and having good gunners were actually a thing; it has no place in the current game. Nothing else is limited, not attackers, nor high-tier fighters carrying more bombs than WWII heavy bombers, nor anything in Naval or Ground.


That’s called kill assist. Aside from that if you are skilled enough you are willing to play gunship with your opponent. If Gaijin made maps fully destructible perhaps however considering that they never went through with it back then I doubt they will attempt it now since baked animations aren’t a thing. Nor is hitbox position changes.