Rewarding aircraft for doing their role

I had this idea that aircraft could get more points for doing things that they’re supposed to do, like rewarding strike aircraft for ground pounding, bombers for destroying bases, and fighters for downing planes, maybe at the cost of lowering the points rewarded for aircraft doing things that weren’t their main purpose, therefore discouraging scenarios like strike aircraft using their head start to bomb the bases that bombers take longer to get to.


They also need to make bombers/attackers able to actually win games and affect tickets in air RB for this to work but overall I agree


Yeah, and add a few more targets, and specialized targets.

Bunkers anyone?

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Already there brother, already there. Started as just aircraft, and then went to the whole game’s worth of vehicles.
Specific RP/SL bonuses for each vehicle type - Suggestions / MM/Eco/Prog - War Thunder — official forum

We had that. It was a Pain in the BUTT!

A combination of 4 wyverns, A2Ds, Tu-4s, or B-29s could end a game. A lot of games at that BR were over within minutes because of their forward air spawn. It meant playing anything outside of an Attacker or Bomber at that BR meant pretty much that you wouldn’t play a game.

Quite frankly, I don’t want that back. I’m absolutely fine with rewarding them for doing their role- but not if it means bringing back something like the old system that meant game over in minutes.


I think it just leads to proper objective orientated thinking and thats what drives my dopamine on this game.

In my opinion, you’re also mistaking this mechanic for what actually caused your frustration. Would you still be frustrated if say, the things that could affect the match like this DID NOT spawn ahead of everyone else and cause the end in minutes? You can change multiple aspects of the game to suit this objective orientated mindset and it makes the whole experience better for it. You’re assuming nothing changes but this one detail (bombers/attackers impacting the game more) but in reality you probably just don’t like something else related to it.

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Can’t have it in the current day, fighter players would start crying again

See? they want a fighter only mode, your best bet is taking bombers and attackers to ground rb

Ah yes. Let us now make an entire class of planes now completely irrelevant to the match.


All aircraft should have a role in winning the match imo, from bombers to strike aircraft and fighters.


So just like the fighters that only engage other fighters in headons and click to fire at the target flying towards them? Like that right? What’s the difference between flying to a base and hitting spacebar and flying directly at another plane and clicking LMB u til the planes crash into each other?


Attackers already win games due to bumrushing early game and taking half the tickets. Even if they get destroyed, AI ticket bleed will end the match within five minutes.

I’m not going to have this conversation with someone unreasonable such as yourself.

Attackers rarely if ever win games. It’s only at very specific BRs and with very specific planes that can do this. Most maps do not offer this as an option and most planes aren’t capable even if it is offered.

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I like the idea - but the guys using jet fighters to bomb bases would hate it. Especially as almost all high tier / top tier jets were actually designed to be multirole capable.

So imho you should consider to limit your proposal to prop BRs.

But you have the same issue there - multi-role aircraft and/or planes used not in their roles - like SB2Cs and T-18Bs as fighter. Even with strike fighters you have an issue if they use their planes as fighters like Wyverns.

So imho reducing income for base destructions would make sense - but why should gaijin reduce their sales for premium planes like Wyverns or Bf 110s?

Despite gaijin has a long history with things like reducing income - after May 2023 they won’t risk another outcry by all the guys who bought high tier / top tier jets for the purpose of base bombing…

I mean that simply proved that post-war trash like Wyvern or the 13 prototype failure of the A2-D1s were under BRd and gaijin was unable to adjust the base health within their BR ranges before they introduced these 2 planes.

Outside these combinations even 4 Me 264s / Bv 238s could kill an airfield. Killing bases was never a challenge - getting to the enemy airfield multiple times was the real challenge.

And the F-4Es introduced in March 2020 led to this respawning bases nonsense from May 2020 - they ended matches even quicker…

So imho reducing income for base destructions would make sense - but why should gaijin reduce their sales for premium planes like Wyverns or Bf 110s?

Ah yes lets… make bombers even more irrelevant. Right.

T-18Bs as fighter.

To be fair, the -57 is far more a heavy fighter or bomber hunter then a bomber itself ingame.

As written somewhere else:

yeah, bc people didn’t learn to intercept them. Also the Wyveren shouldn’t be a t 4.3…

So neither should the advantaged multi-cannon aerialists get a full reward for destroying the clumsy, low-effort piñata bomber, as if they had done anything relevant…

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You can’t intercept what spawns 5+km in front of you at 270 mph or 20000 feet above you at 200 mph without having the match be 20 minutes or without getting lucky and having them not think.

By the time you are up in the air and matching their speed/alt, they have either already won the game, done enough damage that fighters can finish off the work, or are RTBing way far from you.

Yes, of course the Wyvern shouldn’t be 4.3. but that said, it isn’t a Wyvern exclusive problem.

We just gave you wishlist comrades! Why no happy? 😏