Rewarding aircraft for doing their role

20 minute matches are the good matches. The ones ending within 4 minutes are the bad ones. A reason why EC is wanted for RB.
Also tactical battles require larger maps so it isn’t just a massive cluster f. Also significant AI targets would help.

Also if they done enough work for fighters to win, then you failed the ata role, since bc of the attakers the enemy fighters should be outnumbered

About half the maps in the game will auto-end themselves on AI ticket bleed before the time runs out, assuming that a few players did ground striking early game and bled out part of the ticket bar. This is especially bad on newer maps like Kamchatka and Rocky Pillars.

Basically all it takes is two players to kill 10 ground targets each - which is very easy at certain BRs where fast attack planes exist like the F-84G and the Wyvern S4 that reach the ground targets before ground spawned fighters can do anything about it.

Once you are behind by 2000 tickets on these maps you will automatically lose unless you can manage to kill the entire enemy team within 5 minutes.

I have clips of this. It’s not fun to deal with as a fighter player.

I do not experience this almost ever and I play air RB as my main gamemode and at most BRs. 90% of the time for me the game ends by TDM, 9% of the time by ticket bleed caused simply by a LARGE amount of time going by with autobleed, and 1% of the time cause a few attackers killed ground. (0% because of bombers)

Do I need to pull out the clips of 1000 tickets draining by themselves in 10 seconds? No player interaction.