Revised poll on CAS in Ground Battles, would you play a tank only mode?

Just need to grow the onions to ask a Dev/Mod.

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Asked them already ,pending approval.

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Part one: nice one! 👍

Part two: do not feel scared to publish what you wrote for the Suggestion/Question here/provide a link as this helps the topic.

Took you less time to what others has been an eternity. I am glad someone finally did it again after the last attempt.

Edit: basically just copy and paste what you asked.

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The post is awaiting submission or acceptance or what ever. So it’s currently in limbo.It was inspired by your honest words which I took to mean “Don’t whine on here about TO ,man up and go ask the devs” so I did.
It’s a good point.I also asked if they could provide an answer either way so if it is a firm no then fair enough but at least it is a no and this endless discussion ceases for while anyway.I also did not play up to CAS hate or negativity surrounding the use of CAS as I have non other than the few seconds of frustration in game.

No harm in asking and no means no and if it is no then that’s good enough for me.I did ask if they could give a reason as to why not for the sake of endless debate.Not trying to push an agenda I just think it would be useful for the forum and the game.


Not detracting from the rest of what you said here (all good stuff), but you do realise this has always been my point?

If the Suggestion gets rejected my own advice is to get with others to hash out something that will. The only one we had direct evidence for was not approved, possibly as it was more a complaint at the game (just detracts from asking for a new mode).

I presume you mean you made a request in the Suggestion section. So be aware you need to ask a mod if it gets rejected as they will not tell you why (Mods get a shed load of Suggestions you won’t even thought about so they don’t give one to ones on everything).

If you Asked a Question to the team (aka why has one not been added yet) you are more likely to get a reasoning to whatever you specifically asked.

This is because “can we have” and “why can’t we have” are two different parts of the same family that is the TO debate.

Best of luck getting a response o7


It is pretty silly that there is no TO, coming back to this thread after a week off war thunder and first two ground deaths to an A6E Tram in heaven

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Im quite sure that Gaijin are aware of the popularity of the idea of TO among the playerbase. It would be quite incredible that they’ve been avoiding implementing one, trialling one with events, or even properly discussing one with the community because nobody made an official suggestion in the correct part of the forum.

The biggest issue that I can see is that a tank only mode would not make as much money for Gaijin, which is essentially a death sentence for any idea. You only need to look at the premium column in most aircraft trees to see that a load of those planes are there to appeal to ground centric players who haven’t grinded out the air tree to go along with their ground tree. I dunno how many Sea Vixens have been sold but I’m sure plenty of players wanting to play Chieftains or Rooikats would look at that as an ideal partner and may be tempted to splash out.

TO mode would mean an end to that particular income stream. I think you could make an argument that that would be a good thing as high tier premiums have not been good for gameplay but Gaijin aren’t going to turn away money. Maybe small amounts but premium vehicles are big business for them.

So Gaijin may well be willing to implement TO with regards to gameplay but you’re relying on their good will to do so. Given that one of the core foundations of the game is frustration (and getting you to spend money to avoid that frustration), I’m not sure that goodwill is in high supply with the snail. Saying no to cash is certainly not something you’ll see often, from Gaijin or anyone else.

Until someone works out how theyll make more or as much money from TO, it’ll continuebto be ignored.

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I used to play tank RB back when it was first added. But… ever since CAS became a thing, I tend to avoid tank RB beyond the occasional low tier romp with autocannons and BT’s.

My genuine opinion on the topic of CAS and SPAA in game currently is that at BR 2.7 and below, CAS is more of a novelty and a nuisance then anything else. Above that, it becomes a be all and end all for the game until you hit 10.3 at the absolute minimum. Only then are there SPAA assets of proper note, but, its bad.

Particularly at say 7.0 onwards, if you had to worry about say S-75’s or similar monitoring the battlefield’s upper elevations, I wouldn’t be completely opposed. Don’t know if it would be the right fix, but it might help.

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So you started avoiding it after just a few weeks of CBT?

In 3.7 SPAA are weak in 10.0 there to strong

Sd.Kfz.251/21? @ 3.3 is nice.
M16 MGMC @ 2.7 works wonderful even in higher tiers up to 5.0
BTR-152A @2.7 is also good … the BTR-152D on 4.0 is a beast and shreds planes like hell
Wirbelwind @3.7 is also a beast and planeshredder

Some nations like US got problems with their 4.0 SPAA lineup because of the slow firerate. But you can overcome this flaw by getting better.
There is only one spot where it gets nasty. It is around 7.0 still no rocket SPAA but 1st jets are coming into battle. The biggest weakness are the players themselfs sitting on the spawn and firing over 1.5+km on planes.



The question is not “If we ever get tank only mode”.

The question is WHEN we will get tank only mode

Sim veteran here:
In general I fly whenever I can, sometimes I don’t even take tank to a battle, just planes. Not rare are battles where I have more tank kills in a plane than the rest of my team together.
Flying airplanes is the highest skill in this game and we have to fly against arcade tanks and AAA who can mouse aim at us.
At AB or AB+ this makes sense - all vehicles are mouse aim, both tanks and airplanes but in SB we pilots are at artificial disadvantage. Tank players have artificial advantage over us in form of mouse aim. On top of that they can all hear incoming airplane. Clouds also do not render over battlefield if you are in a tank but they render for aiplanes and helis.
SB tanks and AAA should get mouse-joystick as a control and no ability to aim and fire in commander view, only through sights. Only then this will be fair for pilots.

Top tier is totally russia biased with Pantsir and 50kg AGM-65 warhead nerfed to the bottom so it cannot even reliably kill soft vehicles.

Of course there is also a case of utterly ridiculous vehicles like Z-19 and Ka-52 spawning too close to the battlefield - the forward helicopter base should be removed in 9.0+ battles.

To sum up:

  • tanks should get mouseaim and ability to fire from commander view removed (replaced with mousejoystick)
  • forward helicopter bases should be removed at 9.0+ battles
  • give maverick correct explosive damage in addition to HEAT dmg
  • Pantsir gets removed or nerfed
  • Clouds render the same way for all vehicles in a battle
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