Revised poll on CAS in Ground Battles, would you play a tank only mode?

Honestly- bring Coelian back to tech tree, and KT 105 and Panther II with the Maus.

KT 105 is paper (And impossible iirc), and Panther II is completely made up, so imo they shouldnt be straight tech tree.

Coelian had a turret mockup made, and the hull is just a panther hull, which makes it real enough to be in the tech tree imo.

If it’s already ingame, it should not be removed. That is how I look at things. I would definitely vouch for changing the model of said machines to make them physically possible. For instance, the detailed blueprint of the Panther F turret with a long 88.

By put with the Maus, I mean return on aniverseries.

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Yup ,i remember using ostwind to snipe tracks of people caught moving in the open

Same people that were complaining about hvap are now quiet when there is tank with hesh at 3.0 ish

They didn’t just nerf german ammo ,they nerfed bombs as well and any plane that performed better than us or ussr counterpart

dora and 288 are best examples

Okay, to be fair.

HESH sucks.

Have look at soviet tree and their “Objects” or US T series …pay attention what ammo they are using then google that ammo.

German tanks/td’s cant get working hull mg’s or roof mg’s and Ussr and us can get completely fictional pen values of .50 cal for example .

Not on 3.0 or even all the way to 5.0

I mean HESH first shows up at 2.0-

Not played low br’s in years ,only reason i mention it is because dollar was playing it.

So, where to now?

We know there is some interest in a new TO mode for RB section(I know I voted yes to that initial question), we know Gaijin have only responded negatively (as in a flat no to the idea, possibly TO in general) but with little reasoning (though there are so many ways people approach this subject it is difficult to find a unified player position to take to Gaijin directly; opening the subject to arguments on player opinion appears to have done nothing for this topic).

The more negative approach of saying how one might hate the mode available and aggressive attitude to other players does not appear to work.

What positive step can advocates for a TO on RB do to help push the idea forward? I presume Event possibilities are off topic since it will not provide what some advocates want and detracts from that.

Can someone produce a more proactive collection of positives regarding a TO space within WT? I know they exist but thought pooling them regularly is of benefit (helps move from the non-proactive complaints), and I believe this has been done a few times but no one has the foresight to keep that part of the discussion alive, often falling back into essentially pointless discussion due to players asking other players who should be putting such questions to the Devs who know their reasoning.

Before this topic gets lost again as members keep making/reliving duplicate topics.

As I expected. Lots of noise but when it comes to action…

Reduction of ground SB players that only play SB because the planes have it harder.

That’s a huge plus.

Unless you are an Air Sim Main, with a HOTAS and experience flying aircraft in Sim. In which case, you are at a notable advantage vs both enemy aircraft and even enemy ground targets.

I was talking about the players playing tanks.

Even with VR and HOTAS, bombing is still more accurate with mouse aim.

The frank answer is there are little to no positives no matter which implementation method you pursue. ULQ’s stated point is to “create a safe space for tankers.” That opinion paints CAS as this evil demon needing slaying, and leads to constant internet bloodshed via threads like this.

TO does not fix any actual problem of the current game mode, unless you consider certain people’s refusal to adapt to be a game problem and not a personal choice problem. And if the devs suddenly budged on TO, it would empower a lot of other extreme fringe sects to begin asking for their special mode(s). It could spiral out of control faster than anyone could possibly imagine, while depending on implementation still fail to achieve what it set out to do.

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After the last few days of what I have experienced here in the forum, I am thinking twice about how much effort I need to make to formulate something precisely so that it is understood.
Many people just want to cause trouble here and often this has no consequences.
Other topics that are really interesting are sometimes closed so quickly … what am I still doing here?