Restrict [Battle] <6.7

This game mode completely removes all map design and wastes player’s time

I think you need to get better at the game to be honest… You want to disable, and remove things you can’t actually handle so much, I think you’re in the wrong mindset a lot of the time, and that makes you have trouble more with the game.

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That needs to be up on the screen every time people load up the game 🙌👍

What is your opinion of the Battle game mode?

90% of your comments are either insulting the author of the thread or personally attacking the user you’re responding to

If your comments are flagged as off topic it would likely suggest that they are off topic

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Yet here you bring it up again…

I don’t have an issue with the mode, and I don’t see why every thread you create you want everything removed.

Any engagement with you is a ‘it’s not about that’ whenever you don’t like the response so I got tired of being genuine…

And you kept bringing me back into the thread… So if you can’t handle that, stop bringing me back in.

I’m fine with the mode, much like many of the rest of us… You need to learn them.

And you ARE one of the flaggers, so you can deal with it because you are trying to suppress the direct opposition to your stance.

You responded to this thread. Your comments in this thread do not discuss the thread topic but instead you’re attacking me, the author of the thread. This is your pattern of behavior. If you would like it changed then you are the one who needs to change it.

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You’re the one dragging it off-topic right now, so I don’t see the point in maintaining the topic.

I do not think you have an opinion on any topic in the game you seem to only want to argue with other forum users.


I already expressed my opinion towards your various threads, many times… You know that.

I am responding to your two comments I apologize that you decided to derail yet another thread by attacking the author.

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You brought me back in because someone was making a remark about a statement I made, and wouldn’t keep to your topic… Deal with it.

I am directly addressing your behavior how else would I “deal with it” beyond flagging the post as offtopic as I already have?

I actually want to see you banned for making a thread about segregating the ‘skilled players’ on the basis of toxicity, and you blatantly TKing someone because they didn’t save you… That’s pretty ‘toxic’…

Player’s actions cause reactions from other players. Cause and effect is human behavior. Encouraging toxicity by designing game modes which offer such situations to occur contributes towards this.

Why are you yet again discussing something that is on another thread? If you wish to discuss that topic then go to that thread.

Done… Now on this thread.

I don’t have an issue with the mode itself, and I suggest you get to learning the mode and engaging with people better than trying to flag all the posts we make merely because you can’t handle the response.

Again you state nothing other than to attack the author of the thread.

Nope, I absolutely did not attack you… You need to stop playing that victim card.

This is an attack on me as a player. You are calling me a bad player as you have already done in this thread earlier. I posted stats empirically disproving this claim which you then dismissed as irrelevant to then bring up a random situation that is not relevant to this thread.

If you have an opinion on the Battle game mode then state it. Repeatedly spamming the same nonspeak is pointless.