Responding to the Severe Damage feedback & release time

Please make severe damage count in service record. There is a number of players care more about the service record. If you don’t really want these players, just remove service record okay?

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There is a good reason why only one player gets a kill in their service record. Please read my older post in this topic to find out why:

And also the next post:

It really makes sense to fully credit only one player. It’s just a question should the player who caused severe damage or the player who finished the target get a full kill credit.

In the old system, player who severely damaged the plane was fully credited, in the new system the player who finishes the target.

In my personal opinion the previous system made more sense, as the player who severely damaged the enemy made the most damage. But if they kept this system, there would be a huge problem with full kill credit, because you can’t recognize severely damaged planes in the new system (they have red nameplates, just like healthy planes).
If you think about this, it just makes more sense to credit the player who finish the enemy plane in the new system. Because that person didn’t have to know the enemy is severely damaged already (there is no way to recognize this easily).

The solution to that would be to change the nameplate color of severely damaged planes to e.g. yellow or orange. But the devs don’t want to do this, because that’s exactly why they changed the old system. Players used to complain about “dead” planes (with different nameplate color than red) that can still kill them. The new system pretty much fixed this issue, but created many more issues that can’t be easily solved.

So while I would prefer if the full kill credit went to the person who severely damaged the enemy, if it was working like that, it would cause even more chaos and confusion. So I understand why they decided to fully credit only the finisher in the new system, but I definitely preferred the old system with different nameplate colors.

My engine was damaged and I drifted across the airport. The game ended when I was less than 50m away from the runway. I was counted dead. I think this is very bad. I hope this new mechanism will not appear in air combat.

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Pls repair mission with crits, add severage damage to it…

Please count the severe damage as a kill in service record. The service record is really important to some Air RB players and it’s totally unfair to give the kill to the one who finishes off the aircraft where the player who got the severe damage done the most work. It encourages kill stealing and make the Air RB less enjoyable for the one who really carries the team.


No, just simply no - due to 2 reasons:

  1. As long as useless hits, which have ZERO ticket impact on flight performance, count as “severe damage” they would give credit where nothing happened. Example? Check this replay - a scratch (which created 25 SL repair cost) on my horizontal stabilizer, resulted that i got kicked after 6:58. The most perverse part: I was aware of getting kicked as i checked the leader board and saw that he got rewarded with a severe damage - i was simply unable to land and repair fast enough.
  2. And even if gaijin would be able to fix this scam - almost every shooter has the same issues: Kill allocation with delayed deaths. Counting a kill twice is exactly how aerial warfare is not working. Every serious counting method foresees the basic rules: 1 enemy down = 1 kill.

There is nothing wrong with that mindset - wt is a plain shooter and the service record is the base for rankings etc - the goal is always to facilitate competition, that’s the main purpose of rankings.

In case they would fix their mechanics and they would be able to determine if a severe damaged plane can make it back to base and repair:
I fully support this view.

But gaijin proved now in 11 years that they are unable (lack of brainpower?) or unwilling (too expensive to determine and implement?) a real “fair” kill allocation.

Fully agree - as extensively discussed in this thread:

  1. From a holistic pov there is no such thing as a “team” - team mates are more or less (if kills are that important for you) just enemies in blue as you are in a competition for rewards fighting the same targets.
  2. There is no such thing as carrying - a real team player does not care about scoring as he tries to eliminate/neutralize the biggest threat for his team. Carrying in the sense of scoring the most kills has its place with regards to snow ball effects - but most of kill driven players give a sh*t about their team - the use their team mates either as bait or distraction.

Put them all on the same teàm, i would put money on they wont get very far

We are not only kill driven. Win rate is also part of the statistics.

But your WR is not influenced if kills are added to your stats or not :-)

Its so stupid your palne is written off while you fly back to base just fine landed and still you are dead… most pointless addition to this mechanic.

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Sure, therefore I don’t have anything to complain about the win rate. I just want the kills to be distributed fairly.


This new severe damage mechanic is the worst mechanic in this game now. shut it down, or give the kill to severe damage rather than the kill stealing guy.

Or play sim instead

I hope this gets reversed at some point. About as bad of a decision as drones and dozers. It’s so inconsistent in determining what is severely damaged and not and lately, when someone finishes my severely damaged target, I get an assist message and no tally to my actual destroyed targets.

Just get rid of this mechanic.


It’s much worse than dozers and drones.


Hey gaijin. Do you really know that severe damage does not count as kill on service record while stealing kill does now? Do something!

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That’s been known since the beginning, also this system was never intended to fix kill stealing. As Gaijin doesn’t consider that an actual thing.

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Another feedback regarding severe damage:


There are several similar incidents like yours described in this thread.

Basically it boils down that some severe damages have little to zero performance impact. So the imho best way to avoid being kicked is to check always the scoreboard. If you had a fight with an enemy and you check the scoreboard after the fight and you see a +1 in the column of kills you got severely damaged.

In the best case you can make it back to your airfield in order to repair your plane before either tickets or the match timer runs out. Usually you get kicked a few seconds before you can repair…

We have to wait for enough players to report the horizontal stabilizers bug:

For me black horizontal stabilizers counting as severe damage is an obvious bug that they missed in the mentioned fix. It doesn’t affect the flight performance, so it should definitely be just light damage.

idk how others feel about it but before the servere damage those damages where a critical hit, know i sometimes hit someone and make servere damage, but now i do not get those hits counted as critical hits in task

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