Rerun old events or add a way to obtain old event vehicles

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  • Rerun events
  • Add a way to obtain them outside of events and the market place
  • Rerun Events and add a new way to obtain them
  • Keep them as they are, rare collectors items
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Over the past decade Warthunder has ran numerous events and is now about to start its 12th battle pass. A majority of these events add decorations, profile pictures, wallpapers and more importantly vehicles of which there is around 177 various planes, tanks and ships that have been added through events and battle passes.

Going off of steamdb alone (All reference to player count here will be based off of steam numbers as they are easily accessible and well documented) the game has had a pretty steady player base since its release up until 2020 of constantly around 15k - 20k players with a peak of 35k on steam alone, in 2020 to 2022 the game grew nearly 50% with a now around 30k to 40k players. From 2022 to current day the amount of players has nearly tripled what it was between 2014 and 2020 with 50k to 70k people and 113 250 players at its all time peak just a few months ago. With the player base expanding so much within the past few years alone so many players missed past events and a majority of the rewards available, with the addition of the gaijin market it helped players to be able to buy the items that they wanted but missed. However as time goes on the amount of these vehicles left on the market has dwindled and caused the price players are selling them for to skyrocket dramatically to where they are multiple times the cost of a brand new top tier premium, and people just do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on any vehicle let alone a low tier counter part to a tech tree vehicle.

I don’t feel all these unique, interesting or fun vehicles should be left to the few remaining players that still play after all these years or left to never be purchased on the marketplace. A vast majority of other online games have similar events and rewards but re run these events every so often or have the rewards of these events available in other means. Warthunder does have them available in their loot crates but these vehicles shouldn’t have to be obtained by gambling money away for a minuscule chance of getting a premium vehicle let alone the event one you actually want, or pay an equal amount to just outright but the few remaining one left on the market. Some of the vehicles aren’t even on the market either so they are just outright unobtainable such as the Yak-3T, Tandem MAI and the Lorraine 155 Mle.5.

The easiest solution to this would to just rerun the events which would be great in of itself and i think they should, but i also think that they could add them to the war bond store or something similar. At the moment the war bond store is alright but i think expanding the amount of war bonds and adding another tier to the store for the higher br vehicles to add some more variety and something that will excite people so that they are a bit more excited about the battle pass and want to purchase it and grind it out. There are probably other ways of implementing such a system but it would be great if either the events were reran or there was a way to obtain them again without paying hundreds of dollars either on the market or in loot boxes.


I definitely agree with you that new, and old players, should be given another chance to obtain these rare vehicles. But i also think that rerunning events would in the long term be boring and even exhausting for the players. Especially when we have the battle pass starting as soon as an old ended. Many you tubers have brought up these issues and running these time consuming events alongside battle passes and the soon upcoming summer and winter operation would just be to much for the player base.

Nevertheless some form of event needs to take place to obtain these vehicles. Therefore do I believe that a new kind of event is needed, something that’s not as exhausting as getting 40 000 points under 2 days.

This new event could be something as playing a certain vehicle from the nation that the event tank, ship or plane is from. One example is to get 30 kills with the Tiger 1 to get the Tiger (P) or a completely different type of vehicle of the nation.

Another way to obtain these event vehicles could be by doing several smaller task like get 30 kills or assist with a heavy tank + bomb 5 tons with strike aircraft + survive for 4 min etc. Much like the existing daily tasks. But these smaller event task would encourage player to play new vehicles, try new tactics and explore the game more deeply.

Sure if we have a bomb quest there would be a bomb spam and longer waiting time, but in the long run this could lead to more diversity. And by demanding from players to play the nation that the event vehicles belong to, could lead to more players trying several nations and therefore spread out the player base so that we don’t have a german, russian or american spam of players.


How about having them as a reward for daily logins after - let’s say 180 days/cycle? Or a very rare reward drop on missions (0.01% drop rate)?
Most of the older vehicles are lower in BR anyway, so they won’t be used by players to gain access to top tier anyway (those packs in the store will still be sought by buyers).


Having them as a reward for login would be amazing, but I don’t think gaijin would ever implement this. I also think that just getting them for playing “regular” takes away the feeling of them being special.

To make them more valuable (both money and psychological) you would need to work for it. And most players trying to get them would not do it to get to top tier, but because it’s something rare and fun to play with.

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If we want to keep the “Special reward” element in, then the reward should be for successful missions drop, with a low drop rate. This could also motivate players to play the objective and win the matches, not just passively playing the game.
And would be nice to have something more consistent along boosters, wagers and SL drops even if it is at a very low reward rate in the reward drop boxes (the ones we already get for a good match performance).

I miss the old style events. WW2 Chronicles was fun for me. It was different and you had to play different. Playing them in random battles is boring to me and I can’t stand crafting events. It’s just mindless clicking. Even sadder is “events” now are simply money grabs. Like the current one, buy the KV-1E with Golden Eagles and call that an event… wth? I could care less about decals and profile pictures. Bring back vehicle events where you win the vehicles in a battle setting that resembles the vehicles being played for. What happened to trying to be authentic and realistic? It seems those values have gone out the door completely… all for money. What a shame.

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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