Replacing F-16AJ with Thailand F-16

Since Japan got Thailand F-5E, it would be safe to say Japan could get other jets from RTAF.

And RTAF operates F-16 ADF/OCU/MLU. So I think F-16AJ should be replaced with these aircraft. The reasons are:

  1. F-16AJ is NOT a real aircraft, just a fictional variant that only exists in brochure. This kind of aircraft ruins identity of this game seriously.
  2. According to the developers, the main reason for adding the F-16AJ is the lack of good CAS aircraft in Japan. So if the F-16AJ is just to fill a gap, it can be replaced by any other appropriate aircraft.


  1. Thai F-16 is actually better than F-16AJ in most part, especially in air-to-ground role. It has ATLIS II targeting pod, AGM-65D/G missile and Paveway laser guided bomb.
  2. While there are some differences, it is still a F-16. All experiences and memories from F-16AJ could be applied to Thai F-16 without serious problem.
  3. It could be implemented very easily, just copy paste existing Block 15 F-16 in game and add some stuffs.

If this happens, Japan players would lose one non-exist aircraft in exchange for a better, existing aircraft. I’m pretty sure this is a very reasonable and good choice for Japan.


What A2A armament do the Thai fighters (couldn’t resist) carry?

AIM-9P/L/M, and AIM-120C for ADF/MLU.


F16 thai has used Iris-T

If you are asking in-general rather than just the F-16. The ones mentioned above as well as the Python 3 on the FCU coming, Python 4 and I-Derby on the F-5T.


It’s not guaranteed.

The -15ADF is basically the same as is in game(AIM-9L / AIM-7,etc.), with the potential addition of AIM-9P-4 or -P-5, and AMRAAM.

The -15OCU’s could be practically any one of a massive number of configurations due to the fact that they were acquired over time from multiple lots, so is absolutely a mixed bag, but would include guided air to Ground and a TGP & SALH PGMs, and Mavericks.

The MLU modernization brought it up to the rolling FMS F-16C standard, the key improvement would be the replacement of the APG-66 w/ the APG-66(V)2, which adds Track While Scan, multiple launch capability, and advanced A2G mapping modes for precision strikes. Additionally there is a GPS and Laser ring INS system, and the quantity of Countermeasures is increased.

Well, we’ll see.

To t The AN/APG-68(V)9 should have been used to upgrade the Thai Air Force’s F-16AMLU. This is written in the DSCA report for 2010.

F-5T Tigris limited IR AAM Python 3 & Python 4 but none active radar homing BVRAAM

There’s a possibility that F-5TH/F-5THF Super Tigris equipped with EL/M-2032 radar, armed IR AAM AIM-9M/Python 4 & IRIS-T and Derby BVRAAM



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Create a suggestion maybe? I think it’s worth making a poll for it. Idea is interesting and will solve F-16AJ issue.

A suggestion is a good idea if you want to propose replacing the F-16AJ, on that note the F-16AJ will really only be removed for players who didn’t unlock and buy the F-16 and will more than likely remain as a rare vehicle in the premium/event/squadron part of the tech tree. I’m all for replacing the F-16AJ in this regard though if their plans for Thailand work nicely in line with Japan as well as other Asia-Pacific Aircraft.


If the F-16AJ is replaced with the Thai F-16A, I think it’s only fair that players who unlocked camo for the AJ should keep it and it should carry over to the Thai F-16A.

Other than that small stipulation, sign me up!

I meant literally swap current one we have for the Thai one but I guess that’s more in-line with what devs usually do.
But shouldn’t we wait until Thai sub-tree for JP will be decided? I heard one of the mods said devs will wait for community reactions first or something

I guess i wouldn’t mind the AJ was always a thorn to me…fun aircraft but it being fake i dont like…if Gaijin considers more Thai vehicles and maybe even a sub tree i wouldn’t mind the AJ being replaced.

Thailand has at least three variants of the F-16 IRL, of which you could implement one or two of them. The first being the F-16A ADF and the second being the F-16A MLU which effectively gives Japan two F-16s instead of one (Not including the AJ which gives people who grind the AJ 3 F-16s.)


I’m more than happy to wait and see how the reception for the Thai F-5E (I’m dubbing it thee “Thai Fighter”) before jumping into the idea of more Thai stuff for Japan. I just hope they kind of tread the waters with adding multiple Asia-Pacific nations vehicles instead of going all in on one country.

F-16A OCU can carry AIM-9Ls just like the F-16AJ.
Giving it anything else would change the BR thus F-16AJ would stay.

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How do I wish this was what they did for Germany.

Agreed, after seeing what the OCU could carry, it doesn’t seem like a good replacement. Sure, if it was limited to Sidewinder Papas and Limas it would work fine, but that’s a really nerfed armament, like giving the F-4J only AIM-9D and AIM-7E. An appropriately armed OCU will come at some point.
And can’t wait to see people saying that AIM-120C and IRIS-T belongs at 12.3 (a real opinion I’ve seen on another thread…)