Remove the forgiving teamkill system, it doesn't work

I fully agree with you. When looking at the prices in the store you would expect higher standards. I play mostly sim battles and that area hasnt been touched in years. It so incredibly broken and just a pile of garbage but i love still. I am growing a bit tired of all the bullshit tho. Paying for premium account, it doesnt feel like im getting my monies worth when theyve completely abandoned sim.


Actually dumb fact about NF is you need but gingerly hit an aircraft to be kicked.

I once was kicked when putting lead into the skies with the Type 42 AA Frigate at a diving P-63 & unknowingly to me a friendly G4M flew from port side through my AA screen on my starboard side to which a proxi shell detonated with me getting a crit ping and a instant kick.

Fun part was the G4M flew back to it’s airfield & repaired in the server replay.

So essentially in NF you need but slightly damage an aircraft even an AI one to be instantly kicked for these past few years.

Generally pre update an aircraft can get up to two kills before a kick in all modes but a piece of armour or a ship it’s one kill or slight damage will automatically kick a player.

Ahh well new or old system I’ll still commit blue on blue as an aircraft to the botting scum the devs do little against so not to cause matches to extend in AF or out of warth in NF, Show no quarter to the botters scum!

New system is just stupid got a Lancaster 12k and bombed a point being caped, 1 TK and kicked

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The whole reason why you even leave these teamkills activated and allowed to happen is the stupidest thing you can do.

If you take all the accidents aside, there are still the ones that happened on purpose. And it doesn’t really matter to me whether I can kill him out of revenge, because I want my points and my bonus and my round and my boosters and my lifetime and not a “revenger” no one really cares…

who will refund me the 500% booster? gaijin? no, right? I was just “unlucky”. wow, thank you very much for this gaijin. many thanks. I don’t want to console myself if someone who has tens of millions of dollars in money in their account and doesn’t give a damn about a teamkill, I don’t want to see my points and my booster and my lifetime wasted, neither by a beginner’s accident nor by a deliberate incident.

It also has 0% to do with realistic leaving it activated, because the RB mode in flight has long been more of an arcade-plus rather than an actual realistic mode. Leaving teamkills activated doesn’t make anything more realistic.

The easiest thing would be to simply turn it off, deactivate it, like you did in ground RB and in arcade flying and other modes. why did they deaktivated it there but not in rb flying? makes no sense. there, they turned it off for ppl to get less trouble and less frustrated, but in RB flying, they like you to have right these problems or what…makes again no sense.

Why do you have to be so frustrated about something like that? Dealing with it several times a day, being surprised at being taken out as soon as you take off and losing your booster and lifetime, and joy and fate, because some child,or a newbie, or a malicious person or someone else was of the opinion that they were going to ruin someone’s day, the “real” Accidents aside…

Just switch off this stupid, outdated and unhelpful system when flying. That doesn’t make anything realistic. saves nerves, time and effort of anyone.

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Oh no planes also need to get removed cause people abuse them to win a match. Oh, MY It’s a DANG ON DISASTER OH noooo.

Surely you realize people expect others to not immediately shoot them down. Nor be killed at all.

The entire point of a TK system was to apologize for TK. Since there are people who do not purposely try to in War Thunder.

When I get team killed all I see is “waiting for apology” but nothing else happens. No further messages or prompts. Is that normal?

aim better nerd.

Give or take they did it on purpose. But I’ve had a few who apologized. So it mainly depends.

hold lmb harder so you can get your 1 kill on a burning enemy before dying

That’s another issue altogether, and it needs to be fixed.

if you lit up your seeker against 4 plane where 3 is your ally knowingly then it’s on you.

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it’s worked every time I’ve needed it to, so it might be something else in your case.

No? It definitely takes like 3 or so…

Just because you didn’t mean to, doesn’t mean what you did wasn’t avoidable. The peak example being launching a missle at an enemy’s 6 from 2km, when a friendly is on their 6 at 500m.
No, you didn’t mean to kill them, but you also had good reason not to launch that missile.


Sometimes it was. Sometimes it was the other player’s dumb decision most of the time it was their poor decisive making.

Is this not a pointless exercise?

This post is old and has been changed already, it takes 2 btw.


Ah. I see

It was in the latest section, so I didn’t notice haha

Non,this does not work.As an example, recently a professional TK deliberately bombed two of my spaa in a row and calmly flew until the end of the match.
But there’s nothing to be done about it. No one likes anti-aircraft gunners.hehe.

idk what youre talking about but teamkilling is great keep it and make it more punishing on those killed by teammates