Remove the Flakpanzer 341

The vehicle is extremely good and isn’t balanced at it’s BR.

It is regularly seen in battles.

It was removed because it wasn’t suitable for the game, why is it still available for use in-game?


If you had previously researched it, you are allowed to keep it, same with all the other removed vehicles


Also that wasn’t the reason iirc


It was removed because it is a fantasy vehicle - it was apparently never actually made except as a wooden mockup.

However Gaijin have a fairly rigid policy that nothing is ever removed from any player that has it - so anyone who got it before it was removed gets to keep it.


what…? no, its not… None of what you said is accurate, or even close to it…

its mediocre and not very good for its BR… and you also Rarely see them.


Those who own it are superior to you by the right of experience and better crew (also at least expert qualification). You have to accept that there are better players than you in this 10 years old game.


I got a feeling, we’ve got us a grumpy CAS player who got shot down one too many times lol. I play CAS too buddt, but I usually dont complain on the forum when I get show down by SPAA lol.


Another one that has pain in a certain part of the body, what do you have to do with this vehicle, yours hurts so much in 90% of this AA is played by veterans with a good crew, I myself have been rocked more than once by the m53 which I don’t like, but I don’t make posts about it to complain, which is already a post from new players within a month about this vehicle, 6?,7?,stop.

It was a good vehicle years ago, before its ammo received a heavy nerf.
Now its nothing more but a mark of a war thunder veteran.


We doing this again? It’s an Ostwind II that cannot be strafed out. That’s it. It shares identical firepower, which is good, but not exactly undodgable. All it does is prevent planes from being able to knock it out with machine guns, cannons with AP ammo, bombs and rockets are still effective, as is just flying defensively enough to avoid giving it a good shot on you. This is quite simply a skill issue.


That is precisely why gaiin should have implemented the 5.5 cm weapons on it:


I was going to make a reply saying “yeah gamepad AA + german spaa spam + unobtainable magic vehicle I can’t even test-drive = bitch about 341 post”

But then I scrolled up and read each reply and figured it’s not even worth my time with the low IQ takes I saw.

Kicimijazawa actually brings more information on the vehicle. Props to him for not writing a passive-aggressive/insulting post.

Everyone else is just saying “skill issue” or some schizo essaying. “Those who own it are superior to you” lol miss me with these takes.

Y’all morons just like me, cant even see the bigger picture. If “skill issue” is the only thing you can say, don’t waste your time and move on.

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That would be cool but since the wooden mock up version got removed, the 5.5cm version would need to exist as something more than a wooden mock up.

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That would probably be considerably worse than the current 341. The 5.5cm guns have around half the cyclic rate of the 3.7cms, and with considerably less ammo in reserve. Meanwhile, I can’t find any concrete source for any AP round being developed for it, meaning it can’t pull a ZSU-57 and act as a pseudo light tank due to it’s high caliber. Muzzle velocity is pretty great though, it might have some use taking down high alititude bombers like the Lancasters and Pe-8s.

Either way, more SPAA is always a good addition. I don’t mind prototypes with this much available information.

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Main reason for removal of Coelian was lack of evidence to support its existence and also argument that Germany has enough vehicles in that bracket. They gave Japan imaginary vehicles and kept it there because Japan really had no other option. I would like these sorts of new vehicles too but it’s unlikely that gaijin add them for same reason they removed Coelian, Tiger 10.5cm and Panther 2.

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That justification never made any sense because they immediately replaced the 341 with the Ostwind II, a vehicle that’s practically as fictional as the 341 was. The Coelian had a wooden mockup for a turret, while the Ostwind II might have had a single prototype developed, however there are no concrete sources to my knowledge. They aren’t even sure if the guns are supposed to be mounted side by side or one over the other, I’ve seen arguments for both.

At least we know what the Coelian was supposed to look like, and we know the stats the proposed turret would have had. The only reason to reject it is if you somehow believe Germany was incapable of producing a turret to those specification. Which is frankly absurd, and also not something Gaijin has worried about for muich more ambitious projects (Looking at you, Krondstadt).


Yeah, but looking at the Russian navy tree, fantasy vehicle is okay. :P

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Just spawn a tank.

No the argument was that it’s turret was just a mock up thus beeing a “fake vehicle”. There was no other reason.

The german naval tree too, look at Z46 and Z47. They have different rules for naval as to what can come and what cant.