Remove the Flakpanzer 341

Weird arbitrary restrictions, but here’s the Krohnstadt anyways which somehow isn’t fantasy.

Skill issue, move along.

Sigh - go away.

And you too - don’t care - I told you the reasons they gave - there’s no point arguing it.

The only policy they same to actually be rigid on.

because it’s cool

I disagree I’ve seen like 4 in ~100 US 6.7 Games

It was removed because it’s a fake vehicle lol

You could probably bump it to 7.0 but it’s not overpowered against CAS it’s just a silly panther, unless you’re facing it in a downtier you should be able to lolpen it with any nation in the 6.7+ BR range

It existed as a wooden mock up it just was never made in to a prototype

“A single prototype was built by Ostbau in January-February 1945, but the Ostwind II never entered production.”


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This is a more completely sourced article, and covers the contradictory sources in more detail.

Ultimately, the only sources are some technical drawings and supposition. Without photographic evidence, and given the various technical problems the project would have had to overcome at a time when Germany was cripplingly low on resources to solve such problems, I think it’s fair to say it’s existance is at least debatable.


I dunno if stapling a second gun inside an open top turret would have been super technically challenging

Either way It’s not outside the realm of possibility and a prototype having been built meets Gaijin’s requirements for “no paper tanks”

I don’t think it being in the game actively harms historical realism or game balance it’s not exactly overpowered and it’s certainly not the Coelian lol

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I think you misunderstood my point, I wasn’t claiming that the Ostwind II is definitely fictional and shouldn’t have been added, I was merely saying that removing the Coelian for being “fictional” and then replacing it with the Ostwind II, a vehicle that’s practically as fictional, made no sense. There was room for both vehicles in the German tree if needed, and both have enough documented sources about them that their in game renditions could be made accurate.

As for the technical difficulties, it’s worth remembering that the default Ostwind turret was already considered cramped with a single gun. And the original 3.7 cm Zwillingflak 43 oreintation was vertical, which also had to be reworked to fit into said cramped turret. It certainly wouldn’t have been trivial, especially with just a few months of the war left, most of the Germany heavy industry in ruins, and severely limited resources to throw into a somewhat low key prototype like this. Again, not saying it’s impossible, just saying that it’s not certain.

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Larger difference ignoring historical accuracy is one tank is a regular open top SPAA the other is the most heavily armored SPAA in the entire game.

Watch your tone, US main


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Wasnt the Z46 and Z47 different types of the same Destroyer?

Nope. That prize goes to the Skink, at least in terms of survivability against aircraft. The 341 has 16mm of roof armor, vulnerable even to .50s at close range, whereas the Skink has 19.5mm over the engine deck and 25mm+ everywhere else.

The Kugelblitz is also in contention here, as it has 20mm over the turret roof and the ball turret’s internal armor does make it very trolly against tank shells.

Hell, even the Crusader AA Mk II has better armor on the turret (20mm again), albiet at the cost of a very weak engine deck.

Different hulls of a class started, but never completed, Just like the Kron

remove flakpanzer?

how about remove HSTVL, ADATS, XP-50, XP-55 etc?


I don’t think people complain about the Flakpanzer 341 as an SPAA in its role against aircraft, but I could be mistaken.

I think it’s more the panther chassis rolling around with twin 37mms blasting the side of tanks.

Still as I’ve noted:

Conversely, I’ve only ever seen complaints about it being strafe-proof against aircraft. Is it really all that special against tanks? The twin 37mms only have 49mm of pen, that’s marginal against even medium tank side armor at that tier. The Ostwind II has the same guns at 5.7, and that already struggles in an anti-tank role, you’re basically only useful against super lightly armored targets like Hellcats and PT-76s. The 341 may have Panther hull armor, but that’s nothing special at the tier, and the turret is such an easy shot.

The Kugelblitz is far scarier, with the 77mm HVAP, 58mm AP and the internal ball turret armor that trolls APDS and low caliber HEAT like crazy. Sure, you don’t get the Panther hull, but anything weak enough to be dealt with by the twin 37mm will have a lolpen round that’ll cut right through that armor like it’s not even there.


Yeah? How so?

No, it isn’t.

It was removed because it wasn’t historical and it was horrible to implement any new function.
Oh, sorry, your sight parallax is off? Well it’s too bad the tank didn’t exist, and we have no clue where the gunner sight is.

Why wouldn’t it be available for use in games? People put in the time to unlock it, why would it be taken away?

Even to the point of the CV90 being entirely replaced, and players getting the new XC-8 variant without pay.