Remove the Cupola Exploit

I think you misunderstood Lich. He was talking about OP, not you.

Just so we’re clear here you’re preaching to the choir and understand I’m not referring to you.

Why did you reply to me then…?

That’s pretty common in forums. You back up what someone else is saying which you agree with, by adding additional thoughts.


Yeah, the strongest solidshot in the game btw:


The same has happened to me with IS-2 cupolas, shot with 88mm and 128mm APHE.

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Majority of cupola weakspots only work if the round is weak enough to pen initially but not strong enough to overpen. The long 88 and 128 mm do exactly the last bit, they just have too much pen and go through the entire cupola.


Yes. You can maybe shoot off-centre, so the effective armor is increased, so it might not overpen.

Makes sense, thanks! I hadn’t thought of that.

I’m probably just too dumb or tired to realize.

Unnecessary and Against Community guidelines. A combo.

Let’s get on track.

Shooting cupolas is a mechanic where you spend more time aiming so that you can do more damage.

This is akin to taking time to shoot ammo with APDS or lining up a headshot in an FPS game instead of going for the body. So… why is this a problem? The extra time you take aiming for a small weak point is time the enemy could use to reload and shoot, or time to get third-partied by someone else.

If you’re going to complain about this, you might as well complain that you can blow up ammo if you take the time to aim for it.


Hard to argue when you put it that well. Good point, it’s there if you are cool enough in the face of the enemy. Well said.


What do you mean?

Its probably about whole turret crew being killed “garbage” on cupola hit.

He still don’t want to accept that none of cupola shots are garbage but post pen effect of APHE is, due to wrong HE blast simulation aka “sphere of death”. The funniest thing is he doesn’t want for APHE to be corrected because he likes how it acts but he only wants to disable cupola shots which he doesn’t like.



this is why i use heat rounds as they do the first part but they dont overpen

You are right and they should fix the jumbo machine gun weak spot as well because it’s unrealistic.

And how is it unrealistic if armor thickness (realistic armor weak spot) is lower on that spot?

but really there is such a post, wow well guys I’m going to wash my eyes with bleach

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