Remove the Cupola Exploit

it is completely ridiculous to be shot there and take any damage… let alone take significant damage or be killed.


Angry German main after being killed in his invincible Tiger 1


Knocked out M3 Stuart Light Tank shot through the cupola in Tunisia in early 1943

A Heavy Tank T26E3 Pershing disabled on March 1st, 1945. Two HE shells destroyed the running gear and knocked off the commander’s cupola.
Try again bud.


A: Stop calling it a bug
B: Get over it


I mean I just provided 2 pictures of the cupola being either the target that was purposely shot at. Or artillery killing and disabling the crew. Aside that.

@Pacifica seems like Drakunite is once more back at it. New record.



Its a known weakspot and is exploitable. Why do you think later versions of the Tiger 1 didnt have the raised cupola, and tanks with Leopard 1 also redesigned the cupola to not protrude over the roof of the turret.

If the cupola gets penetrated, of course itll kill the commander. Hes right there, it goes through his skull. And if the fuse delay on an APHE shell is set perfectly it WILL detonate inside the cupola, and with a closed hatch where do you think the path of least resistance for all that explosive force is? Yep thats right, downwards into the turret.

You are asking for something that is a completely realistic and logical expectation to happen, and asking to make it less realistic. You may as well be demanding that any other weakspot should not be a weakspot “just because”


The seetheposting is real


Exploit aka playing the game. An APHE shell penetration a cupola is going to kill at least 1 crew member, if not several.

Shooting at cupolas has been done IRL as others have pointed out.

How do you propose a fix?


Make the game arcadey so their tank doesn’t have unique weaknesses.
This is a joke.


You still haven’t provided any reasons as to why this is a bug lol

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Well, you are comparing a game with real life, in real life if they break a chain or make a hole in any side of the tank, it is already a destroyed tank, not necessarily in the dome. If you want to use those photos as an example in war thunder at the first penetration would be a destroyed tank, so repairs would not be necessary.

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The problem with this is the boring damage that the APHEs do, I don’t know who lost their mind and it was believed that an APHE after piercing explodes as if it were a grenade, when what it does is a slightly cone of damage. larger than the non-APHE ones. With correct damage the explosion would not descend towards the turret crew and the damage it would generate would be due to spalling which would not kill everyone in the turret.

Your complaint is misguided anyway.
The real problem is the hand grenade HE effect on APHE that makes it possible to knock out the entire crew from a cupola hit.
You should complain about that instead.


I don’t think the concept of killing via capola is an issue rather the HE part of APHE that over performs.


Exactly, it is a damage model problem, it is one of the biggest failures that the game has, and it should be modeled as quickly as possible.


The problem aint the cupola but how aphe is modeled when you hit it with aphe it kill all the crew which it shouldn’t probably do but aphe ain’t getting remodeled any time soon


They are never going to model the APHE correctly, first because they change the Br in all the tanks, and although it costs nothing to change them, it is already work that they have to do, and second because many people have become accustomed to that damage and would go crazy if They will rebalance the damage model of all bullet types, they prefer to kill in one shot with APHE, than have realistic damage for all bullet types.
And then people come to you saying that the different bullets are well balanced, the APHE and the Non-APHE, yes of course.

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Uh no. If a track chain is broken, you replace the broken part of the chain with a new one. The only cases of where its idiotic to do so are the ones engaging the enemy who is still alive. That is when you attempt to abandoned the tank if there is more than 1 and or it is too much of a risk to do.

Some tanks dont have cupola at all (or very small). Its just another weakspot…

Also, its not exploit.

Changing the chain would depend on the situation, in reality the most normal thing would be to abandon the vehicle and wait for your troops to take the area to recover it, or in any case for a recovery vehicle to take it out of the combat zone to be able to repair it. the chain, in any case it is unlikely that the crew members stayed inside the car fighting.