Remove the anime body pillows

Ok, so i was just watching war thunder videos on YT and came across this video(
Firstly, why do we even have these in war thunder? it is not realistic(Pin-ups were in IRL tanks and planes but this is just weird) and it just gives the community a bad reputation.
Secondly, WHY EVEN ADD MORE? Like we need to fix bugs, add vehicles(Future update predictions), but this is what gaijin adds?
Like literally. These reputation destroyers are the last thing we need.


who cares?


you can turn off the showing if you don’t like it.


Do you think we should also get rid of the giant bushes? And the motorbike? And the “Club Night Battles” Sign? And all the other wacky decorations? These are meant to be silly because it’s fun.


So anything from XXI century is not realistic, because you did not saw it on WW2 tank photos?

Be aware that we fix bug on daily basis. Take some time and check changelog section on our website. And for real, you mix bug fixing with adding cosmetic promo things? You are aware that people who are preparing decorations are not able to go and fix bugs?


I just simply find it sort of inappropiate. I just don’t think we need this and i just think it does not fit. People online are laughing at the WT community because of this and i kinda understand why.


You can disable them.
I personally did.

It’s in the options - I think it’s something along the lines of “allow unhistorical decals”? Or such?
I think it doesn’t fit in the game at all, but I do not see any reason to complain as you can thankfully hide them.


Thanks for sharing the links to them. You got one more player with the 4 anime pillows now.

By the way to those who don’t know you can use one of the links and simply switch between languages to get all 4 different pillows, in my case RU wouldn’t work but if I switch to chinese ZH it would now work. There’s american themed one for most languages, a german themed for DE language, a french themed for FR language and a soviet themed one for RU or ZH(chinese).

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Pretty sure you can’t disable decorations which aren’t the same as decals/camos

Otherwise you could turn off bushes.

But you can shoot them.

TBH I do not understand why.
Bicycle attached to tank is ok. Cuckoo clock, sure why not! Golden Glove or Centurion Helmet? Sure bring it on!
Something related with anime - oh no, cringu.

War Thunder brings millions of players together, each of them is different and like to use different thing to decorate his vehicle. We are trying to offer as many interesting decorations as we can. We have tones of historical weapons and other military things you can attach to your tank/vessel. Same like we have a lot of non-military, but fun decorations. We are trying to provide something for everyone :)

If you like playing WT, do you really care what some random person from internet think about it? If you do not like non-historical content, you can switch it off in options.

Options > Customization of vehicles


Does this work on decorations or only camos/decals?

First of all, you can turn them off. You don’t need to see them. @Stona_WT showed you how. Second of all, when has a decoration or decal being historical ever mattered? A decoraton being ahistorical has no influence on if it is added. They do this literally every season with the Battle Pass, why is it such a problem now?


Thank you @bbbdddaaa I just redeemed my body pillows :3
If it weren’t for you, I would have probably missed that promo


Why do people get so fragile and offended when they see an anime bodypillow? I can say i hate them but i don’t come in the forums to cry about it. I don’t get all offended. Just get over it OP.


An option to hide them in game would be nice…


Their is a option to hide them and its a game what gajin is going for is a way of people supporting the game while also getting something in return without spending boat load of money

oh no! anyway…

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