Future update predictions

WT’s updates have different focuses; some focus on naval(e.g. La Royale), some focus on air(e.g. air superiorty) and some focus on Ground(e.g. Kings of battle)
(most of these are predictions, some are hopes; also none of these are confirmed and are pure speculation)
The naval update
Name: Modern Navy
brings in modern naval ships and naval aviation

The ground update
Name: Skyfall(yes, i stole the name from james bond, just like the danger zone update and top gun)
Despite the name this update focuses on SPAA(where the name came from)

  • Modern SPAAs(AN/TWQ-1, Type 92 Yitian, Russian Tor M1, 9K31, buk m1, HQ-7, HQ-6, XM-246(competitor to M247), SLAMRAAM etc)
  • M1 abrams for chinese TT(ROC)
  • Ground map: Damascus

Air update
Name: Firebirds(after the J-10’s nato reporting name)
All the planes we asked for

  • New 4th gen and 4.5th gen aircraft(Chengdu J-10, F-15E strike eagle, F-16V viper, Su-30, Su-35, MiG-35, J-16, Eurofighter Typhoon, JF-17 etc)
  • Su-24, F-101
  • Air map: Sydney

Stuff i hope gets added regardless of update

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Seems very focused on only China, Russia and the US

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Hard to say
China didnt have that much ships for naval tech tree,Especially CA/CL/BB

Dont really know much other planes lol but i added the eurofighter typhoon

that’s why we need the new addition of missiles and stuff

Sydney of all places

idk why but something tells me it will work

I offer isreal naval tech tree

There is thread for this

But anyway,

Many ships are missing missiles. Too OP right now.

Either add them as vehicle type that can spawn airplanes or dont.

Its like that for a reason



Guided torpedos - modern torps are often derided for having small warheads, that’s because they are predominantly anti-submarine weapons and when used against surface vessels are designed to explode under the keel not at the waterline. Adding guidance would offset this. Doesn’t have to be massively OP maybe something like the ability to target in a small arc after 80% range rather than just a straight line making misses less likely.

CIWS - add the MANPAD systems where modelled, short range (<10km)SAM systems, and if not available then alternative gun based CIWS. This doesn’t necessarily mean a mass of new ships but certainly make the Fire Control Radars more reliable for locking.

Fire and Forget SSMs - not yet until more ships have the ability to defend themselves. Some of the types with SACLOS could still be incorporated in the meantime.

Maps - variable spawn points for current maps to add variety. No more 100% open water. There’s still a lot of Pacific island battles that would suit a mix coastal and Bluewater, or going non-historical there’s the Denmark straights, Baltic, English Channel, Tasmin Sea, Caribbean etc…

Natuisn/Trees - priority to the French coastal. After that any country that could at least reach 5.3 with a decent amount and variety across the trees.

Traditional gun based Ships - Of course there will be the ever upward trend in BBs. Would also like some love for the lower tiers, especially filling gaping holes such as the USA 3.3-4.3 Bluewater which is almost empty.

Modern (missile era) ships - how about an influx of Frigates and Patrol craft taking advantage of the enhanced weapons and sensors mentioned previously

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I am always up for more SPAA for Russia tbh.