Remove the anime body pillows

Just to point out the misinformation in this thread.

You CANNOT turn off other players decorations only camos and decals

I would appreciate an option to disable neon signs and bikes and helmets and body pillows etc. but you can’t.


Yeah sure lets make a menu which has every single type of decal, camo and everything inbetween to turn them off individually…
Sounds like a lot of work to cater to 0.01% of playerbase

If you thought like the rest of the playerbase and didn’t get offended, your issue wouldn’t exist.

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All of the above is “cringu”.
Also, why aren’t the other wacky decorations tagged as “Fictional”? You get to turn off some of the stuff you don’t want to see, but not all of it?

Second also, will “Historical only” option ever return to “Show content in the battle” settings? Right now we have “Any” and “Except fictional” - we used to have “Historical only” as an option in the past, but for some reason it was removed.
Please bring it back, and tag the rest of the wacky objects you can place on your vehicle as correctly as either “semi-historical” or “fictional”, so there is a way to turn those off as well.

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Maybe for you, however most people complaining about anime sh*t don’t care about the rest.

Decorations are all historical, so IDK why any would be labeled fictional when decorations are 100% handled by crews and not militaries or manufacturers.

HAHAHAHAA…wait, your serious?

Dakis are historically accurate


No way, are you shitting me? That’s halrious.

i think the developers should add furry themed body pillows, for the spookston community

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Are you seriously claiming the decorations such as the Cuckoo clock, Christmas gnomes, Gladiator helmets, the entire “Hats” section, etc. are all “historical” in the same sense that Jerrycans, weapons/ammunition, camouflage, and tankers helmets are?

Get real.

All I’m asking for is for an option to turn off “haha look, funny!!!”.
We already have a Historical/Semi-Historical/Fictional tag system. Just tag things correctly and let us pick in the settings which of these 3 tiers of whacky we want to see in our own games.


its the military, they painted naked woman on their planes for years, body pillows are just the natural evolution


mate can you please give me some evidence that this is historical

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Who cares if people are laughing besides we’ve had official anime related content for years like the DMM exclusive strike witches camos and Area 88

Gaijin should really try and get a rerun of these but try to not make them exclusive to the japanese client


the germans had naked women in their vehicle operation manuals
And what is this?


Decals and whatnot is one thing, but now having tanks drive around with sparklers, birthday cake, neon signs and everything… it’s a bit much.


You can turn it off

What BR are you playing? It’s rare for me to see sparklers and such. I do have birthday cake on my bm-31-12 though…

It is historically accurate that crews can sometimes decorate their tanks the way they want to, so that ability should stick to us

Yeah, but that’s a whole all or nothing type deal, I don’t mind seeing some decals and whatnot, I’d rather be able to just toggle specific items from showing.

yes im glad you agree with me and razervon that every decorator in the game is historically accurate and there’s absolutely nothing fictional about a single one of any of them