Remove Pay-to-Win Bushes

You can “ALL” get some bushes if you want, you don’t have to buy them.

This bit should be noted by all the wingers and whiners who complain about so called “unfair bushes”.

Obviously… logic dictates, that only reason you want to complain in the 1st place, is because you are all getting fed up with being killed by players with bushes on their tanks, otherwise you would have nothing, or something else to complain about. Stop complaining and get some bushes of your own so you don’t get spotted so easy, simple. They are free of “real” money.


“Let’s not solve a problem, but instead perpetrate it!”


What’s the problem? You can either pay to buy them or get them FREE through the BP war bonds shop. All the ones I have gotten were for free from the war bonds. So I ask again what’s the problem?

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It’s a floating barrel

How clueless.

The problem isn’t how you get them: it’s that they exist in the first place.
They can be and are used to obscure weakspots as well as making vehicles unreasonably difficult to spot/target/measure distance.
It is one of the few pay-to-win features in the game and is unreasonably toxic to play against while providing no disadvantages to speak of unless you play SB.


It is not p2w! You can get them for free so you don’t have to pay. Completely and totally accessible to anyone.

And how dare they put something in game that’s historically accurate and used by both axis and allies alike during the war. The audacity of the devs. Maybe you should quit playing. Teach the devs that it’s an unfair advantage. Cuz that’ll show them.

Whine and complain all you want. Simple fact of the matter is they’re not going away. So either suck it up or move on.



Are we talking about real life? No. We are talking about an arcade MMO game.

What is historically accurate often times won’t be what is fun and engaging for the purposes of a video game.

Vehicle breakdowns are historically accurate. Would that be fun?
How about running out of fuel?
Running into a random minefield you weren’t informed about?
Being able to take over the role of only one crew member rather than controlling the whole tank?

These are but a few examples of historically accurate occurrences that aren’t and shouldn’t be in game.
Why? Because it is unfun. It takes away from the gaming experience.
This doesn’t have to be true for every game. Something like Arma or Squad makes this all work fine. War Thunder isn’t such game.
War Thunder’s battle structures are inherently historically inaccurate.

Historical accuracy is a poor argument for the implementations of bushes when accuracy was never even the point to begin with.


You’re right, it is a game. And here you are whining and complaining because of bushes in a game. Bushes that are completely and totally free. So either adapt and overcome or get killed. Because it’s still not going to change the fact that the bushes aren’t going away.


They won’t go away if voices aren’t heard. Silence is heresy.

Cheers on blissfully ignoring the points I made too in favour of repeating an attempt to simply silence your opposition.
Goes a long way to show how much you truly care for a conversation…

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Why would I even bother when the first words out of your mouth to me was to tell me how clueless I was? So you can take the idea of having a conversation and shove it right up your backside!!

Now to the nonsensical points you attempted make. Me taking the time to argue the points you made would offer validity to them when there’s very little. But since you want to play that game, let’s play.

There aren’t mines in this game, so that’s a moot point.

You can run out of fuel in a plane. Not sure why that’s not an option in tanks. I’m not a Dev. You’d have to ask them.

Vehicles may not break down but you do have to repair them when they’re damaged in combat.

Life isn’t fair. War thunder isn’t balanced. Bushes aren’t p2w and are not going away. And you can voice your voice all you want. That is your god-given right. But war thunder is a business. If they were to take away bushes, they’d lose a bunch of money cuz they would have to refund people who actually paid for them. Everyone and their mother knows that’s just not going to happen.


Yeah, like being killed… scnr.

Like in:

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They are not going to remove them. They are not going to make them “togglable” or change them in any way. People pay money, lots of money. They have actually “nerfed” them recently with them being able to be knocked off.


It is very easy to spot and ID tanks with bushes. It’s also still pretty easy to hit weak spots. The only time it’s a annoyance is when it’s in long range engagements or in shadowy corners. Oh also most people can’t place them effectively and it doesn’t help their concealment.

If it will help I’m sure someone will send you GE to buy yourself some so you are less upset about it :)


I also read somewhere on a similar cope post where some said this “Why be upset, when people want to be seen less in a game like they are in real life?” So think about it like this and it should make you feel better. :)


The fact this post exists is all the reason anybody needs to not spend money on this game. So you pay for something ,F2P players moan and your costly investment is nerved and you are cheated. Dont waste your cash ,play for free because Gaijin wont support you ,they will side with f2p whiners like the OP

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Yes. The larger issue is that they don’t have consistent hitboxes so you can sit there hosing them with no reduction in visual garbage.

Uh, no, not really. Think about it this way:

If bushes were nothing but decorations–as we are often told they are–what difference does them being frangible and subject to removal by enemy fire make?

If they could be toggled on/off like unrealistic decorations, it’d be no different…so why fuss over their new vulnerability?

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How about you think about it this way,the bushes work fine as cover but they are damn exspensive and you have to dig deep for them to gain your amazing advantage.Then those who never invested a single penny into the game whine about it and instead of siding with its paying customers Gaijin decides to side with the freeloading whiners and make so your expensive bushes now just drop of after a bit of machine gun fire.I might then say F@@@ Gaijin and never spend a penny again or complain to paypal that i have been conned, get a refund and leave the game in disgust.Plenty have belive me.

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I mean…relying on something you paid for to win is pretty cheesy to begin with. If you pay for a T29, simply buying the vehicle doesn’t (and shouldn’t) guarantee any success in itself.

As for the ‘freeloading whiners’…many of those are your teammates, so…yeah.

Uh huh…

Well, I would imagine anyone that does the pout to PayPal or demands a refund would probably get smacked down by Gaijin for breach of the EULA–but I’m not a lawyer and don’t care about that topic’s specifics enough to research it hardcore.

I once bought the XA-38 and found it to be a frail dog…but I never complained to Gaijin nor demanded a refund, I just had ‘buyer’s remorse’ about it. Different reaction styles I suppose…

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Sorry dude if you are a dumb ignorant kid with no knowledge of sales of goods acts and consumer law and rights then fine you just bend over and get your ass whacked every time
No way am I spending a penny with Gaijin after they sided with the beggars over the bushes.Im strict F2P now. They lost my custom and I know for a fact they lost a load more too.We aint all children on here bro

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You became a normal player over something that should’ve happened ages ago and arguably wasn’t enough of a solution to a problem.

Sorry I only speak english and that wasn’t it