Remove Pay-to-Win Bushes

The issue is that if you don’t own them then you have no knowledge what it’s like having bushes and what changes they make to your game and your stats. Did you pay and are you know winning? as in pay to win?

Hard to be impressed by the opinion of somebody you know has zero knowledge of their chosen subject. I have played without bushes and with them and I am not seeing a major change with or without.

I have a whole bunch of bushes and twigs, all from the warbond shop. No p2w here.
I don’t mind the removal of GE bushes, if the owner gets the GE back.
I am not sure though, if people would notice the difference.

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I agree.

How much will Gaijin have to pay back? why would they want to? To appease a bunch of people who have never paid a dime and get a free game?

Then what next? Premiums? Crew skills? Camouflage? Starter Packs? Everything Gaijin makes money on in this game until it runs at a serious loss?

Agreed. I bought some for GE and got others through the warbond shop.

Of course eliminating the GE element is unlikely because, well, Gaijin is a business. So a more realistic alternative that would still achieve the goal would be to make them easier to obtain. Include a bushes box in every battle pass instead of one of every two. This way anyone who’s reached rank III can unlock them at pretty much any point, and the GE just saves you the wait.

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but, i like giving my tanks hair, and on the little rats its the only way to avoid being seen and 50 cal’d to death (Eland with its desert camo on non desert maps)

I think that would also make BP much more attractive and popular.

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Uhhh I love this so much!

People for p2w bushes are just so full of them selfs… If they can’t see it is an unfair advantage.

The historical accuracy argument is dumb as well. I know they are realistic but its a game, and its a pvp game so there shouldn’t be any unfair advantages.
The argument is bad as well, because the game is balanced with BR, if it is historical accurate, then WT BR should be years instead, and implement random historical break downs, Germany would be so OP in the 1939 - 1943, and after they would suck more and more, due to random malfunctions, that would be historical accuracy, not to talk about the production of the countries… so US would have almost infinite respawns, and Japan can only spawn 2-3 times, and only have 4 players, vs 40 players… what a fun game, a historical accurate game would be…

And if you love the bushes so much, make them only visible to the player that want is, like camos…

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There are already a lot of unfair advantages besides bushes too.
Crew skills are able to be earned for free, but you can simply pay GE to get them or Acing your crew (which takes a very very long time to do for free, especially with top tier vehicles).

Premium vehicles (especially non-copy pastes, like the 2S38), can be considered ‘pay-to-win’, as there is no other way to get that vehicle other than paying real money, although most premium vehicles are relatively balanced.

Extra crew slots can only be purchased via GE, which can also affect your performance and, therefore, the outcome of the battle, so it can also be considered P2W.

Oh, they know…but you’ll see the people who rely on bushes defend them to the death. The people who got bushes before the artificial limits were imposed are particularly defensive too. (Usually these are the people driving bushes with–possibly–a vehicle somewhere underneath.)

That is a more than fair idea…if bushes were merely a cosmetic feature, turning them off would make no difference. (Bushes are not just a cosmetic feature.)

Yes. And much worse: People with 4k displays and 120 fps. Boy, that is some pay to win. You could buy all bushes in the freaking game for it many times over.
Stable Internet connects are also a big p2w bonus. And input devices… like a roccat mouse or a stream deck. All these advantages are really unfair.

So in the fight against P2W, maybe we should start where the big advantages are. Otherwise it is going to stay very unfair. With or without bushes.

(Disclaimer: All my bushes are from the warbond shop, where everyone can get them without paying.)


I have 15 “sets” of booshes, and I got every one of them out of the Warbond Shop. Just for playing the game. Granted they are harder to come by now that the BP has come about and they changed how often & how many booshes you can get there, but still available at no cost. And you don’t even have to buy into the BP to get them . . just play, get some Daily/Special tasks done to advance the WB Shop lvl to open up the booshes and viola’. Granted, it is now a slow & tedious process, but it is still available at no cost to the player . . . if that is what they choose to do. Patience is a virtue/good things come to those that wait . . . blah blah blah, yackity smackity . . or you can pony up/support the game financially and get them NOA! . . . again, player’s choice. I have some booshes on almost all my ground vehicles, but I play AB so . . don’t really need them there(but they look cool!) and none of my tanks are completely covered like some I see. Also player’s choice, but no matter . . booshes won’t save you and won’t get you tons of kills either. And they are very “realistic” so should be in the game, to some degree at least.

yeah, I got all my booshes(15 . . so far) from the WB Shop for free, and I also use a ROCCAT mouse . . . there, I outted myself . . I don’t consider it P2W near as much as a “handicap” for an old, fat, bald guy with bad eyesight and store bought teeth . . . .

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You had cataract surgery?? You wear glasses??? Pay to win!!1!1!1!

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nah . . . cheap glasses . . pay to survive mostly . . . kek
(I do also have a HUGE 4k monitor, but it is not hooked up right now, I need my grandkids to come over and help me rearrange my “play space” so I can hook it back up . … lol)

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If you want to toggle bushes off, then you surely want to toggle all camos off aswell (except the default one for each vehicle). Camos are P2W too for it takes time to grind them for all environments…
We could get back to the old WB system with 1 random bush per month, which would translate to 3 random bushes per BP…

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Haha whatever… you know I talking about stuff in the game, but you clearly can’t make a good argument…

By your logic, why ban aimbot and wall hacks? If people can’t get them, its there own fault.

but there is a clear difference that I can see what kind of tank it is, and where the weakspot are, ofcoarse if I spot him. and everyone can get the camo, pretty easy. There is a big time difference between getting the camo vs bushes.

I totally agree with crew skill, and didn’t say that isn’t unfair.
With the premium vehicles I also see your point, and that’s just how they should earn money. I can still learn the weak spot of them, but I see that point aswell.

The extra crew slots, I think 5 is enough, but again I see your point.

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I like my bushes but when I saw this, i just had to laugh.

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bush with long rod… is this a SU-122-54?