Remove Pay-to-Win Bushes

What. How does money have to do with the snail?

Bro why do you think we have premium and premium vehicles
Why do you think theres a currency called golden eagles
Because gaijin wants money

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I fail to see how that’s related to “Pay To Win bushes”

Alright lemme explain
Bushes provide camo and in maps where foilage is most prominent, these bushes which you put on your tank help you to hide among the natural foilage
This has been used several times irl like how germans hid their tanks in foilage
So the point here is putting bushes on your tank help you to hide, help you to win (its not an assured victory but it gaurantees some). And since bushes are bought with golden eagles, which are bought using real life currency, they become pay to win.

Ok, and that’s pay to win how exactly? do they make you kill enemies faster?, do they give you “Premium” shells that magically kill everything they see? Cause right now you’re giving me a very weak claim and I fail to see how this makes you impervious to dying.

They literally give you an unfair advantage in being able to cover your tank up and making it at times impossible to spot in dense forests (not exclusively small light vehicles either) as well as being able to cover weakspots.

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Perhaps you missed the camoflauge part
And i hv explained in the simplest manner but if you cant understand then its an issue on your part

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Except in real life you have to make sure the bushes don’t cover the optics, just like in SB here.

RB gets no restriction.

Ok and? people are irl equipped with Binoculars. If someone is being a Bush Wookie then A their gonna remain there or B their on the move, if their on the move it does nothing to protect them You can also often figure out if that’s a tank or not if you take notice of the barrel.

This isn’t real life. It’s a video game. It’s supposed to be fun for both teams playing.
It is not fun when one party has an unfair advantage.

I fail to see how it’s an unfair advantage when both sides have access to using bushes and the only thing stopping anyone is you unable to spend roughly around 4 dollars irl. Now it’s an unfair advantage if only certain players could use bushes. However this isn’t the case, anyone can so long you are willing to pitch.


You still admit that it is pay to win then?
You agree it is an advantage.
That’s all I needed, cheers.

You’re twisting my words. As I said, I fail to see how it’s an advantage if everyone has access to it.
Don’t assume I agreed, since I did not and will not confirm nor deny. This means i Agree and Disagree, i remain neutral and chuckle at both sides making a rant post. That serves little to no benefit.

Do you realize that players with bushes also face enemies with bushes?


I dent think that Sinister is random clown can decide what side he is on ,he is just here to troll. He is having a go at me while agreeing that Bushes are not P2W so he is here to cause trouble. Ignore the fool

The issue is Gaijin need money to survive and they wont get of from F2P players so they have to come up with something attractive to sell.

Bushes are an advantage in some ways and can work against you in others.
I dont expect anybody who has never bought bushes to understand the negatives but they are there.

Its like a rich man owning a big expensive car and all the jealous comments he might get but having such a car has its drawbacks. Fuel , insurance ,break-ins , attacks form those who are jealous etc.

I am assuming that you have never spent anything on this game? It’s the so-called wallet warriors who allow the game to exist for the free to play players in the first place. Gaijin could abandon that and have a small yearly fee.

Gaijin would have to refund all its spending players on anything that was deemed unfair though, anything they ever bought. Gaijin would lose millions just to appease the likes of you.

F2P get a free lunch so stop complaining.

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I was really happy that I had the chance to buy bushes in the last BP shop … I just thought to myself “please no palm leaves, please no palm leaves” …
What did I get? … Palm leaves … RNG at its best ^^


Funny enough the palm leaves are probably the best bushes to use in the snow maps with white camo as they absorb the snow best of all the bushes, just don’t place them too high on the vehicle as they only retain snow up to a certain height, but experiment with them on the snow, you’ll be surprised.

How it all looks in ULQ I have no idea.

A few bushes are a fraction of the cost of what some people are paying for a high tier premium .A whole set was equal to going out for one night and having a few drinks which literally is money down the toilet.

My view of bushes and spending on War Thunder as a working adult is probably different to that of some jealous kid imagining that every player has nagged mommy to buy them something on the credit card. Spending on a video game is dead money but it can also be a cheap night in. Depends how you look at it.


Yes. :-)

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that was just a joke related to the rather pay to win nature of war thunder

Still not telling me how they are fair in game when they hide thermal signature and weak spots