Remove Pay-to-Win Bushes

Yeah but the chances are if you round a corner and come face to face with any enemy you will just jump a little and fire instinctively at the central mass and the great Gaijin dice will roll.
You will get a kill or not. If you are firing from a distance, you can barely see what you are firing at anyway it’s just a black outline on a horizon.

My tank can look like the picture but one, I never see another like that or very rare as bushes are so damn expensive and two it only works from the front, oh and three it wont stop a round in the central mass in a quick draw scenario. Most players will see through the bushes in their minds eye, guess and guess correct.

If its an SP gun and not a tank then it will be the ammo type selection that gets them killed because they will have AP up the spout and not HE as a default.

I’ve been cruising with the bushes for ages and I’m thinking of ditching them. What good are they in snow? in a grey city? in a yellow desert? Have a think about it.

Hey, spend some serious money, try it for yourself. Come back and tell me how your stats changed overnight. You might prove me wrong :)

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first off not true, you’re far better off taking the time to identify and aim at the target, especially if you have armor of your own or at low tier where you dont have full stabilizers. Second, bushes can work as camo for small tanks 8 miles away but they’re far more effective if used like this


Is this a T26E5 with about 250mm effective frontal armor or is it an M26 which has maybe 180 ish. Huge difference, but without the bushes you would be able to see the distinctive canvas mantlet cover that gaijin added so that you would be able to tell them apart.

Is this a Tiger 2 P peaking his head over a hill whos turret can be penetrated by just about anything it can fight or is it a tiger 2H which has double the turret armor meaning that many mediums and even some heavies or TD’s cant go through


People will say “oh just shoot the barrel and figure it out later” but not only does that mean that you now have to hit the relatively small gun barrel instead of the much larger weak spots, but it also means that you a) give them a chance to escape, b) have to load a new round during which time you can be killed by other enemies, or c) it might just not work because its war thunder and then you are probably dead.

TLDR bushes discourage any sort of game knowledge and reduce every fight to either shoot center mass and hope its not a heavy tank or shoot barrel and flank


No you really are not ,just take the shot. I have hit so many people divering about it’s unreal and I am on Xbox . Don’t sit there thinking about it.

The eye is drawn to the color changes there that is bad Camo. The MG is visible, and the tracks give the definition away.

Better to block the silhouette against the skyline, cover each track to lose the width element and cover the MG on the roof. Anything spare should block the dorsal MG .Glad to be of assistance, if you are going to cheat, cheat well brother :)

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Just ignore Eddie, he’s one of the echo chamber folks. They tend to repeat the same stuff and then call you an “Abuser” of cas, “abuser” of bushes, and “Abuser” of pretty much anything. That involves them dying.

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I just used those bushes because those are the only two I own, when I win its on my own merits not because an enemy had to take an extra second to pick his way through the decorations I used moms credit card for. But the point isnt to not be seen, the point is to slow down your enemies reaction to give you an advantage over them by covering distinctive features or weak spots, making them machine gun them off before firing. And back to the original point, an advantage that has no reason to exist, just let me disable enemy decorations

Ironically enough you are on my ignore list you jackass but I can unfortunately still see your BS. Fact is i have spent 3 years driving around dressed as a hedgerow and it does nothing despite how much BS you spout to the contrary.

But hey know it all ,buy the full set of bushes by all means and enjoy your newfound invisibility and your 100% kill ratio

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I own em all.

My moms long dead and if you are using your merits then why the fixation with bushes. Just use your merits and forget the bushes. We agree bushes dont win you games so what’s your point now?

Only a newbie is panicked by an enemy tank face to face in an urban environment and I get outdrawn and out shot on many occasions despite looking like a pot plant.

I know what f***s me up and its somebody ignoring the bushes and taking the shot.3 years with bushes is long enough to know that you don’t need them, and they do surprisingly little for you. I’ll take my money back and you can have them.

You really don’t need to get your titties in a twist over bushes. Their main purpose is to buy Gaijins owner another Ferrari.


If bushes are strictly cosmetic and irrelevant to battle as people claim, there should be no issue with allowing them to be turned off like the decorations.

Bushes are imbalanced by acquisition limits, so that in itself is another issue…which argues for action.

The perfect solution for me would be to add camouflage options, like the 10.X premium tanks have. Unlike the bushes, they look authentic and they are a module, so anybody who has a tank can just grind them out.

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and what if a war thunder moment happens and the transmission eats all the spall which isnt all too uncommon?

or mace it free for all .

With the Hetzer? man, I own the damn thing, that’s the least of my worries cause it doesn’t happen. Most of the time anyone who hits that transmission pretty much ends up killing me.

The same is true when I fight them. That transmission is an incredibly weak point for the Tank.

Just curious: it’s an Sla, isn’t it? 😁

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I’m quite sure it’s normal H

Um, move a bit? It doesn’t have turret

Gaijin wants money so i dont think it will be removed

In my experience the transmission eats the spall like 70% of the time i hit a hetzer in the LFP, but it may just be my luck or the fact i am not spending enough money to satisfy the snail

What. How does money have to do with the snail?

Bro why do you think we have premium and premium vehicles
Why do you think theres a currency called golden eagles
Because gaijin wants money

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I fail to see how that’s related to “Pay To Win bushes”