Remove mixed matchmaking from top tier AIR RB

Just remove it. It can be any mix, but 1 nation on 1 team only it shouldn’t be on both teams.

Everyone vs Everyone is boring and infuriating.


Its cause there is so many usa and ussr players that flood the matching making make it hard to just have them on one team

That is not an excuse. Half the team is USSR and the other half USA, just change the teams of those players

no just no, thats a very bad idea, the air meta is very shifted in 1 nation most of the time, currently f16c dominates air most of the time and are stronger then the mig29s, the mix matchmaking gives the game the balance they need

So? Let the F-16C dominate with %90 winrate and maybe people will finally realise how op it is and riot and GAIJIN will be forced to fix other nations faster.

how are they supposed to “fix” that, the other nations vehicles simply arent as strong, there is nothing to fix, nations like sweden and britain need new planes, you simply are saying that other nations shall suffer until the next mayor patch when new additions get added, it simply is currently the fact that performance wise f16c is the strongest

The F-16s performance in game is the most fantasy thing, that’s what can be fixed if people riot

Wonder why that is? Could it be that gaijin needs to stop adding stuff to the two biggest trees every patch?

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except me and many other people do not play the mode much at all when it’s doing mixed battles. mixed battles are not fun under any circumstance for us

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ah but the mig 29 performs better then the f16 in reality or what do you wanna say? because thats how it originaly was, they just removed the f16s limiters

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yeah barking up the wrong tree there, i am even for more mixed battles, mixed battles with ju 288cs in both teams would fix 6.0 br and around. mixed matchmaking at top tier would fix russian bias as well when both nations have KA 50s and pantsirs, having the same capabilities in both teams would make the game way more balanced

this is about the only time it would make any sense from a gameplay perspective.

and unplayably boring. It’s about 75% of the way there already with how many features regarding matchmaking they’ve already stripped clean from the game

u say this like not nearly every nation is running around with us, russia or german equipment, 3 nations with leopards, t series is in multiple nationsm abrams will end up in china tree and possible polish tree as well, apaches in multiple nations and so on, ito 90m /flarakrad with vt1 in 3 nations, most nations already share equipment in the first place and there is no unmixed matchmaking anymore, in a way it already is /always was mixed matchmaking , it just is time to make it real mixed matchmaking, the only place where it shouldnt be is SIM battles, but we are talking about realistic here

They aren’t. This game has many BRs. Regardless, each variant is usually different.

sim is dead btw, don’t bring it up

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“different” in what way? they play the exact same way, with usualy the same performance, for balancing that is the relevant part, decoration realy doesnt matter

i know enough sim player, as long as it is part of Sim it matter, if you want to play a real military sim with unmixed teams play sth like arma or DC

Mixed match making happens in top tier ground.

yes, but to rarely, should happen more often like in arb

It’s already removed. Convince players to stop playing USA & Soviets so much.
Mixed matches is mostly the fault of the vehicles players choose to use.

Well. Get more players to play. This isn’t a hard concept. If you look at the numbers at rank 7 ground. There aren’t enough people to mix it like that at any given time. Only on certain days do you see 50+ people for a given nation otherwise it is 10-20 people.