Remove friendly fire for Nuke planes

They should fix the player, rather than avoiding them doing this.

We’ve got a lot of terrible players right now, and they should be cleared out rather than swept under the rug.

I don’t TK though?

Many can’t handle my comments on the forum, but that’s on them…

Never said anything about teamkilling ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Well, then I don’t get what you’re insinuating other than to harrass and troll.

We don’t need more of that going about because it aligns with those who can’t handle the forums and an opposing opinion.

Much like the page of false flags I got today because someone is that riled up about being opposed.

(Edit - Absolutely on-topic, and those false flaggers can go wreck themselves…)

Lmaoooo 😭😭🙏🙏


Any reason for that?

Maybe elaborate?

But war and violence in real life is ok?
Because what good is nuclear disarmament in games? Or have you lost the connection between reality and computer games?

Ah classic troll. Hf :-*

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You are not making sense.
Do you realise how crazy you sound?

Oh, so insulting is considered ok by forum staff, got it

Might I elaborate for him?

He is a troll.

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I’m not even surprised people dislike the Nuclear bomb, I’m on the fence. On one side you have people who outright justify it as nothing more than it is good for them. However, on the other side who have made also good points, it ends matches and simply leads to very pissed-off people. Since the match had just begun.

The best solution for both sides is only allow it around the end of the match but not before the match is fully over just to give enough time for the plane to fly over. As more of a final reward and bang for the winning team. By then, the other team is done for but also minimizes the chances of teamkilling since it’s already the end of the match. As well as less angry people.

If a player can get 2500 SP points at the beginning of the match then he deserves the nuke.

Read the message, if your gonna quote me, put some effort on reading comprehension.

Doesn’t change anything to what I have replied to ;).

If a player can get 2500 SP points at the beginning of the match then he deserves the nuke.

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Ah yes, my message surely says you can’t have the nuke. I wonder where it said that later down the line. Please enlighten me where it said that. Knowing your reputation has given you the fun designation of troll.

People ??? you mean literally 3, yes, 3 trolls.

This is not COD where people gat tactical nuke in 5 minutes, most of the nukes if not all happend at very end of the match when the game is more than decided.
Just check the screen in the top, i was team killed proably seconds before the game end.

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Where do I say that Your message says that someone can’t use the nuke?

I’m pointing out that the argument of ‘the match had just begun’ is stupid and anyone that can get 2500 SP points in short time deserves dropping the nuke.

So says the resident forum troll

If you can get it then well done you and we all get the winners reward.Just shows the kind of people we have in the game to be honest and it also underlines the game makers half arsed efforts in certain areas.