Remove friendly fire for Nuke planes

yeap it be nice if frendly fire well be remove for frindly nuke

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Amazing idea (from Gajin’s perspective) Make teamkilling P2W

One of the rare moments I love WT for … double nuke.


Just wanna add a recent experience, someone attempted to teamkill my nuke using a SAM on Aral Sea. Luckily I had the sense to fly behind hills and away from where he was as he tried arcing the missile to me. This problem is still pervasive.

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Thank goodness nobody from my own team has stopped me yet. The other Nuke topic, which is currently being ‘hotly’ discussed by others, clearly shows where the frustration of some people comes from and why they do this.

‘If I can’t do it, then neither can you!’

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Haven’t seen so many mouthbreathers in one place


Look at the KD of teamkiller lol no wonder why he is a shithead

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tf you mean how?

don’t you know how “funny” works? like, you see something and you chuckle? Read this screenshot chat

How teamkilling is funny?