Remove Conquest from the Game

The timer be blessed, battle in some maps (such as fields of normandy) would take ages without it

We shouldn’t have to hold onto bad game modes because Gaijin is creatively bankrupt and hasn’t introduced a new mode in the last 10 years, since Skirmish and Break, and we also lost the AI vehicles and the D point since then and we all do is CQC to control random patches of grass or some rubble.

That one path statement shows how ignorant you are to the longer game… I can let you cap that, let you get over confident and keep feeding a defensive team who are hoarding SP, to end up being pummeled by the subsequent choices they make of second and third spawns after having artilleried your team to again, amass more SP.

Seriously, it’s the pace and the methods you use in the matches that make them different, and because you only see one path, then you’re not seeing the flank…

Then to have your next post, oh damn that’s some hot takes… Even Break is an example of what following ‘demands’ brings out… people were moaning they couldn’t understand it, and kept bailing out of it to avoid it… ((Edit - And I’m absolutely sure that this mode, alone, was where people got the idea of quitting out of matches on the regular, to avoid it, and started calling for that map ban/dislike, which still doesn’t do enough for that whinge and moan…))

Usually when the time runs out the game would be close to being over, but the way it’s set up is that there are too many tickets for it to run out before time is up, you’d bleed like 70-80% but it requires too many kills to run out, which is just bad design.
Had a number of games where we would have won by having 5-6 players vs 1 but the time ran out and they had more tickets.

And a tactical call to the team, at an opportune time would avoid this ending… If people know that it’s tight and that they need to stop dying and kill more, then it can all change.

((Edit - Stop trying to merely reply and say no… The gamemode is fine and it can be taken control of… It’s very much players not knowing what to do, and not understanding the outcome that leads to this ‘removal’ knee-jerk nonsense…))

Yeah, let me cap it and get my entire team on it, leaving you to fight through my entire team and respawns to maybe eventually recap it, but your tickets will have drained by such a significant amount already that it’s usually a loss for you anyways.

And surely people didn’t understand Break as much as it just wasn’t a good gamemode that people disliked, as if there was any complexity to it.

Here you are though, saying that there’s no complexity in this… xS

You are saying Break was too difficult for people to understand, like a game that is all about capturing zones, they couldn’t figure out a slightly altered way of capturing zones?

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The amount of people who were upset at the game modes for merely losing, without knowing how they were losing, was immense…

It’s a common thing I find from a lot of players.

(Edit - Air Domination is a common one that’s very misunderstood… One point, ceiling up high, use bombers as gunships and get high… But people cop out and all go on about how bombers can’t do anything, ignoring that they are able to cap and be a supporting source of fire, and are genuinely hard to take down)

The OP, which you support, wasn’t about replacing modes, or getting new ones, it was about removing one of the two we have left, after they remove two-cap.

People are upset a lot of things that are still in the game, I doubt Gaijin would remove something because people disliked something as that’s not their MO, unless it’s paired with the entire community leaving bad reviews or whatever. I don’t remember much from it but I can imagine an aggressive mode isn’t going to work well for some nations and work really well for others.

Air domination is impossible to cap it anyways aside from sheer luck with how large the zone is, and it mostly goes uncapped the entire game.

Errr, no… Air dom is SIMPLE to cap…

It just takes coordination and timing to actually get it actually done and then you have to actually hold it.

Again, I’m straight up saying you are blinded by the blinkers you have on that have led you to only think there is only one way to play the modes, because that is all you know…

I don’t see how that changes anything, if the community dislikes a mode then why keep it? If the community does like it, keep it. We’ll never know however as they don’t ask the community and instead just kinda do whatever.

The two cap, as in Battle?

Coordination… with whom lol.

You’re one of 16, you get given an autosquadie, and if you can’t squad then that’s on you…

You call out tactics to the team and in the off-chance that someone does actually think ‘Hmm, maybe I will try that’ they will help you out…

But because you don’t even know what tactic I’m talking of, and you’re immediately fixated on the team/squad and you being alone, maybe you need to address that first…

That could be the actual source of all your issues.

I just assume you just have this magical ability to rally a team around you and somehow have them give a crap about what you’re saying in chat, and don’t have people spamming ‘Attack the D point’ and yelling in 10 different languages all just doing their own thing, crashing into the ground, going head on at every opportunity and fighting 10km away for some reason.

Would love to know what tactics you tell the team to somehow clear a massive area of enemy planes and prevent the newly spawned planes for immediately going into it short of spawncamping them.

Ummm, yea, actually, I do… and it’s commonly BECAUSE I use attack the D point funnily enough…

Like, damn bruh, do I need to tell you that I playthe game, have fun in it, and actually play WITH teams rather expect them to do things then get mad and quit because it didn’t work?

Not even in made squads, just by calling the team up and getting a ‘direction’ going, makes all the difference…

Damn, this is really getting dicey.

Who said I am expecting them to do things, getting mad and quitting? I just said the mode is bad, I don’t expect anything from my team, I don’t get mad and I don’t quit so not sure where you’re pulling that from.

And I’m saying that you’re finding the mode bad because you don’t understand it and can’t see any other way to play it other than your singular method, and saying that you can’t muster a team, and that you aren’t interested in hearing any other methods of playing it.

You are wanting the mode removed from the game, I’d say that’s indication that you are mad enough.

you aren’t interested in hearing any other methods

Would love to know what tactics you tell the team