Remove Conquest from the Game

It is a bad gamemode. It removes the last positive aspects of Domination and replaces them with less RP gain, Less gameplay options and Less variety.

It is a lazy, uninspired gamemode which should never have been added to the game in its current form.

It is a 20s development joke which got stuck in the game and is quite frankly an insulte to all players.
It should be removed and replaced with an actually working gamemode with dedication and effort behind it.

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Then tell me what is good about the mode?

And It is lazy. It took 0 development effort and at most 5 minutes of coding. I could do it in that amount of time given the fact that is is literally Domination with two caps removed and the last one randomized between the Three base locations.

So tell me how is this mode which ruins maps in every single instance, removes tacical play and gives less RP and SL rewards “good”.
Go on Tell me

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You mean Battle?
Or the 3 cap?

Cause Battle is elimination.
3 cap is balanced team play.
& having elimination, & a game mode where you can win at disadvantage if you play caps correctly is cool.

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I mean, have you ever think that if you cap the only base you’ll be able to hold it and get tons of kills? In domination mode if you camp to try to hold a single base the enemy can cap you the other 2 bases, in conquest mode you just cap and hold camping in that base and the enemy has to either kill your whole team, or kill you to cap A, so you’ll get kills and assists from defending A and thus you’ll also get RP


Conquest is the singular cap point. Domination is triple.

Learn the game modes then comment.

Conquest is the single cap mode. But without map redesign to accomodate it resulting in utterly unbalaced gameplay. Hence why it is a useless game mode in WT. It should be done properly. But what we have now is a lazy trainwreck

In domination a 10 kill game will usually result in 3 or more caps in a single live as i move across the map to fill gaps in the line.
This is 10-15k RP

In conquest i rush the cap and snipe from afar never moving. 10 kills for 8k RP and no chance for the enemy to counter as the map design absolutely favour whoever holds the cap first in almost every instance

I like the concept of Conquest in general but the Execution is silly, lazy and damaging to the game.

Hence why I ask for its removal and replacement with sth Gajin actually invested time in to develop.

Many others find it fine, and your problem with it seems to be a skill/squad issue.

Asking for removal of things is so knee-jerk, and it’s assumptive, much the same as you assume that the devs work on a gamemode you’re not coming to grips with, is lazy…

It’s lazy to not actually try get better, because I honestly see that as the issue here, not the design of the game.

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Your complaint that it doesn’t return rewards for you, absolutely says otherwise…

You really have no interest in actually discussing this do you?

No. But it is an opinion which this is about. Opinions.

Aha very much irellevant for this topic.

Prove to me that it is not lazy

Have you noticed that you have not provided any reason for any of your arguments against my demand?

You have not stated why the mode is better than domination or Battle. You have not stated why the Mode is not worse than Battle or Domination. You have not stated what the advantages of the mode arte over Domination or Btalle.

All you did was insult my skill as a player in every single comment you made…

Where did I claim that?

I said in comparrison to Domination. Which is true.

is even a simple comparrison to high for your might brain?

It was clear from the outset you’d only settle for removal, and making claims of lazy development…

Removal is never on the cards.

What’s irrelevant about you saying you’re being told that others experience issues with the mode, yet I can say the same about chat and having issues with the game, getting the same ‘support’…

Seems a bit gatekeepy to be real… It really shows who is engaging and who isn’t.

Prove to you that it’s not lazy? Then show us how easy it is then and go make a mode yourself… That’d be simple wouldn’t it?

And I will call out your skill at any point because the map knowledge, and mode knowledge has a lot to do with it, and calling for removal, shows how little skill there is in that method.

Is it not insulting to say it’s lazy development? We’ve had that mode for so long, and it doesn’t need to be removed, just you want it removed, because you can’t work with it…

Now that, is lazy…

And to the brain comment, I think you need to take a bit of your own advice… Are you here to engage, or only hear what you want to hear, because that’s all I’m getting… Removal or bust, and I just see the bust…

Learn the mode, and get it done faster so you can move on to the next… And put up or shut up… If you think it’s lazy, then show us how easy it is to make a mode, and lets see how fast we can disect it and dismiss it because we just don’t like it…

Still you have not shown that any of my claims are wrong.

Your entire arguments so far are:

It is not lazy because it is not lazy
You are a bad player learn to play.

So you better fix that instead of making accusations. I provided proof for both of my points already.

Ah, king of the hill.
Fair enough. Never called that conquest personally, so makes sense I forgot.

So its again not lazy because its not lazy…
Well it is still zero effort wuth the exception of maybe Korea and port New Russia. Which actually changed the map layout for this mode and therefore do not caus as many problems.

And I am also not for the removal of the mode forever. I want it removed and fixed but this time with effort and passion.

And as I sated I get less arP because Kills are all there is to do in a normal conquest game. As once you have the cap the design makes it next to impossible to loose a cap so killing players is the onky option left. Moving around would make you loose the cap and kills. So why bother ever playing tactically if rushing the cap and camping are the best way to win?

As I described I get more RP in normal games because I can move around, flank and cap multiple times. The very definition of not “only getting RP from kills” as you claim I fail to realise.

Battle suffers from similar problems, but it is a mode about killing 100% of a team so I can not blame it as “badly designed for the purpose” like with Conquest.
It shoudl just reward more RP for a kill to make up for the lack of caps (which still give as much RP as 3 to 5 kills for most non light tanks)

Most conquest maps need to be removed from the pool and reworked. The easiest solution would be to make special conquest maps like “Port New Russia”
But some can also be made to work.

But gajin shows 0 interest in fixing the issues so removal of the mode is more feasible at this point.
Remove all the lazy maps with randome cap position and rework or replace them with dedicates maps. Improve on the issues of the existing working special maps with the more detailed data you get from these maps.
Reintroduce a bunch of reworked Conquest maps as aditional content for a new major update.

7 years have brought little to no improvement on the issues of the Conquest mode in WT. So more extream steps are in order.

So you better fix that instead of making accusations. I provided proof for both of my points already.

I’m not seeing any proof myself, just a lot of complaining based on an emotional response. Instead of having a discussion to come up with solutions. You choose to argue with those that don’t align with your own opinion.

It also doesn’t win you favors if your solution is to accuse map designers for being lazy. That’s a very arrogant statement to make for anyone who doesn’t work as a map designer in the game industry. Map development is a hideous task in software development, and it can, and will often, require programmer assistance to make certain map features work. Even with all the polish work done, working with the art team, and the QA testing process. A designer still has no control over one aspect of the process, the human element.

They can make good use of the map, or just run off to the corner eating crayons for all we know. And due to that, there’s no such thing as a perfect map. A designer can only do so much to improve the user-experience with the layout design. It’s still up to the player to adapt to the environment, and make good use of resources/assets that’s already provided at that location.

That is not what i did.
Map designers are almost certainly not involved in the change from Domination to Conquest as nothing of the maps design changes. Not even the location of caps… just some vanish from existance. There is 0 map design involved in that.

And that is why I call it lazy.

Saying sth is complicates to get right is one thing. Not even trying to change anything to make sth new fit can only be described as lazy and qithout effort.

Conquest is horrible, picking a random point on a map that is not designed to be used in such a way and invalidates the majority of the map is just bad.
Battle is also a horrible mode that often is never won and ends with a timer, because for some reason we need a timer on top of a ticket system.

Just because you don’t understand the mode and that kills are 100 tickets a piece in that mode and the choice on that match is to cap, leave the cap to not be capped, or merely let them cap, and decide how it plays from there.

There’s so many paths the match can take, and tactics to stop the eventuation, but many freeze, and start getting all antsy because they don’t understand it, feel it’ll be a loss anyway, and get all short fused…

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Kills are a 100 tickets a piece in every mode, it sounds like you didn’t understand that.
And there is only 1 path, rush the cap and win the game.

I don’t mind one-cap, if the choice is between that and just more three-cap. We already saw from the last Q&A they want to get rid of most two-cap because of player complaints. If OP gets their way it seems there would be nothing but three-cap left.