Remove Air spawn from GRB

CAS in GRB is over powerd and many planes such like the F4U-4b can carry bombs and rockets and dont forget its 20mm cannon, but dont have to worry about its reduced climb rate doing so.
Due to air spawn it can make good use of its superb energy retention and dive speed its able to use this exploit to great effect, simular with many other aircraft.

Removing air spawn for everything will give pure fighters more time and tanks min 8% more life expectancy. Also will reduce kamikaze bombers

There is also an idea to make planes cost the same SP as tanks but to ialso ncrease the cost of munitions.such as bombs, rockets and missiles


This image is inane, CAS outranges SPAA. Saying that SPAA can counter CAS when it’s able to engage you outside of its range disingenuous at best.

Further, Fighters aren’t able to first spawn. You have to choose between CAS / Fighter. This is not something many players do. For this chart to be accurate fighters would need to be able to intercept CAS before they reach the board. Currently that is not the case.


I shall use this in my other CAS topic

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Don’t mind him, he is just bad in tanks and needs some unbalanced mechanics.


I thought you was against CAS in GRB.
Edit: Nvm i read it wrong

I was talking about a guy who posted the image


I would modify that image on the bottom right to have the big gun SPG with proxy rounds to be with the SPAA myself xD

Do you use some script that detects every thread like this, and comment this picture immediately to make a fool of yourself?


This is something I agree with.

I don’t think anyone here truly likes revenge bombing or even revenge killing in general.

It’s caused by three things:

  1. The kill camera revealing where the person who outplayed you was while the match is still in progress. It could be just as much of a teaching tool for newbies if its footage was saved until the end of the round.

  2. Planes spawning in midair (the focus of this topic): aircraft spawning in midair means they can dive toward the deck and arrive at the battlefield in sometimes less than 60 seconds after their tank was blasted, and armed with the posthumous intel from their own death, it creates the perfect toxic setup for petty “revenge.” Except for float and boat planes, and certain heavy bombers with max ordinance and fuel, no plane needs to spawn in midair to take off. Planes and helicopters should be forced to take off from the ground.

  3. The notification “[Insert] Team is capturing Zone [Letter]” when a zone changes hands. We already have a ticket bar and three icons at the top of the screen to tell us when a zone is flipping. This notification is redundant, and only encourages revenge bombing, where the guy(s) capping are basically screaming “hi im here please shove a bomb/rocket/cannon shell up my engine exhaust!”

Revenge bombing is the biggest and thorniest issue in the mode. It gets everybody spitting bullets at each other outside of matches, constantly derailing any potentially productive discussions on what to actually improve.


Its GROUND RB there should not be any planes or helis.

Add a mixed mode with everything and remove planes from ground RB.

I can’t spawn my AA in Air RB so why can they spawn their op planes in ground battles?


A good an simple change to help balance CAS instead of rashly removing it

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Which would not change anything


So basically after this, the discussion went so far off the rails it’s underwater. If you’re looking for discussion about the pros and cons of removing air spawn from GRB, you’re not going to find it.

Because using a tank against a tank requires you to have skills.

Using a plane against a tank requires nothing. It is a simple way Gaijin uses to keep people playing the game.
You are trash at the game, and don’t want to learn to play? No problem, just use CAS!


He writes those, cuz people still bring up all these things that have been debunked countless times.


If he just complains, you surely can easily explain why he is not right…

And shows that he is doing what he is saying with planes ;)


I mean… he has 2 likes on his comment you have none…

Why are people against seperate ground and mixed RB?

Everyone would be happy and there would not be any more discussions.

You want to get bombed constantly? Play mixed RB

You want to use tactics and use your vehicle to its fullest? Play ground RB


Because they would not have easy targets


Might slow you down a bit for players to die and spawn CCAS 😆