Removal/Replacement of the French Tech Tree Consultant

Honestly, given gaijin’s handling of the Leo 2 PSO I would remove Germany from that list. In the past they used to be part of the “big 3”, but at this point I feel like they don’t anymore.
These days it’s USSR, USA, China and Sweden.
For god knows what reasons Sweden seems to be gaijin’s golden boy. It has a better Leopard lineup that Germany themselves, it has a better heli tree than both France and Germany despite not owning a single attack heli IRL, they asked for a better round for the Strv 122 and got it, the CV105 was remodeled and improved completely for free while many other broken vehicles don’t get fixed (like the Roland 1’s elevation), the Vidar that just been added is grossly undertiered, etc…


Sw/Fr/Br Main Here.

I would argue the reason Sweden gets better treatment is its really hard to make Swedish vehicles wrong.They take good thing, make good thing better, and there would be a revolt in the event that a strv 122 was worse than what its based on. Also keep in mind that for a long time, the strv 122 struggled to compete with the round it had, the round it got already existed in game (CV 90120), and the 122 will never really get a better round than this due to the short gun. The vidar is not all that flash at the BR it is at, it’s good but the 91 is more reliable. I’d argue the BMP is worse at the BR than the vidar. Swedish air gets completely fucked, and a lot of people will ignore that to focus on the fact that Swedish ground vehicles are potent. In reality, Sweden does some scary shit. The 105 being fixed is a bit iffy, but if its right I guess it’s fine. Personally preferred the earlier one, was smaller. There are also so many things wrong with many Swedish vehicles that many who don’t have an interest in them don’t see.

The helis are a bit weird though.

Sweden does get better treatment than Britain and France, and I would prefer them all be treated well. I do like French equipment and it kinda is painful to check new stuff and find it wrong. At least some shit for Sweden actually ends up being corrected properly, which cannot be said for France for the most part.


How stupid you got to be not to note the fact that it was a direct response to people saying Sweden gets better treatment than France, by highlighting a few of the reasons why, my personally stance on it, and that I am in agreement that some of that stuff is pretty questionable?

Person questions why Sweden gets a round for their Leo and France doesn’t get a completely new round? The round is copied from an already present vehicle. This serves as a possible explanation for why it was done, and France was treated poorly. Then followed by disputing the statement on the vidar in a few lines, which could have been left out. Followed by highlighting not all Swedish stuff is treated fairly for one line. Then followed by agreeing with them on the 105. Pretty standard fare for engaging with the topic, without derailing it to focus on something else, whilst providing information relevant to the sub topics brought up.

Finally, the comment was ended with an overall agreement with the overall topic, and only intended to shed some light on why certain things may be the way they are. I added my personal opinions to that final section to make apparent my personal position, because it is somewhat relevant to having honest discourse, even in the event I agree with folk.

Does this help you understand that providing relevant information is not equivalent to bitching about the treatment of another nation? Basic discourse structure does not warrant your bitching about an irrelevant topic that is several levels of abstraction from the topic at hand, especially not in an environment such as this, where if you disagree with me you can create a specific topic to disagree with me and the conversation can continue there.

I am leaving this comment here because you evidently need to be told a thing or two about how the language works. Don’t care if you’re a native speaker or not, it’s pretty logical discourse pattern.

I’m gonna jump in on the CV90-105. It had the same turret as AMX 10RC before which was never stabilized. To make it still sell well enough they remodeled the turret giving it more firepower than before instead of removing the stabilizer like they did on the Italian M60


which was imo the correct way to deal with this situation

As to why? It made it sell the same as before while costing a lot more to do so. They simply made it a whole different vehicle

Personally think they should have touched up the 10 RC at the same time for a stabilised variant. 90% sure there was a stabilised TML turret they could use as an option with minimal changes. Would have been nice.

As far as my knowledge goes it never was stabilized with that turret. It would’ve needed a completely different version of the turret

Not patient enough to look into it further at the moment, but a brief skim of the internet apparently shows that there are stabilised options, or options with a fire control system that fires when the gun lay is correct. Bit sleepy though so I may be misreading the websites.

thats also present on other french tanks yet has never been introduced, my guess is that its a bitch with server delay and would just result in shooting the ground

Same situation with the italian consultant. I am thinking maybe they ARE trying but gaijin ignores them? Like yeah sera didn’t agree the 160kg cs bomb should be added but in general I feel like the consultants just get demotivated with gaijin due to gaijin ignoring them.

This option was only ever mounted on the 10RC and the Vextra


Strv-122 can always get DM53 and DM63 since both shells are compatible with L44 gun.

Although it will be fictional like how Ariete got DM53.

“Technically correct” is apparently the motto of this forum. Yes, it can be given 53. The cannon is shorter though, so there would be an improvement in the range of sweet FA. This is a French thread, correcting about Swedish armour on the basis of technicality is not helpful. Focus on France.

You’re telling a French main that he should be focus on French tree problems.

You’re funny.

Yo what’s happening with Frances SPAA lol 4.3 to 8.3 and there’s absolutely nothing lol gaijin wanna try and explain why that’s not been addressed since like 2017 lol

Gaijin acts like France is a small country who cant build anything properly while in real life France is the biggest arms dealer in Europe and developed many armaments and vehicles.

They simply ignores almost everything when it comes to France.


I honestly can’t believe that there’s a 4.0 jump between spaa’s that’s like making a T14 vs an object 279 XD

What i can say man, average Gaijin treatment.

Aparently one or two 40mm bofors are so good at taking down jets, such an issue wasn’t addressed for years. I wonder why it’s US and France specifically.

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