Removal/Replacement of the French Tech Tree Consultant

+1 and I so support this for Israel as well. I think either their Israel consultant is terrible at their job, or he just doesn’t exist.
But I know if I make a similar thread for Israel, it’d only be watched by the whole 3 people playing this nation. It’s so horrible everyone just skip it.

Good luck on getting a new France consultant.

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@Smin1080p sorry about the ping, it is possible to have some news about the implementation of this feature on the AZUR?

Leclerc AZUR missing LWS // // Issues

Also is there the possibility of having some news about this issue since it still didn’t got a reply? There is something wrong with it or more info are needed?

Leclerc incorrect turret side armor // // Issues

Also, i know this is entire optional but it would be really cool if in some update we would get some new and original camouflago for top tier vehicle especially?

I feel like those two would actualy be very easy to implement and would add some more uniquiness to the vehicles!


We have something that is somehow similar as a community skin on the S2 and its very well made, i would love to see it implemented on every vehicle if someday there is this possibility:



Would also like to add my bug report regarding the frontal armor which keeps getting ignored to the list:

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its just stupid, you could go on a webstie which tell you how different shots react to armor angles etc… and the animation would say a bounce, yeah it would hit the barrel but wth its supposed to deflect, not eat a shell

This is a shame that we won’t even get any reply, not even a yes we’re looking though it.

I’m going to give it a little more time and if I don’t get an update I’ll just close it and repost it.

Or you just message a tech mod and ask them if they could look at it.

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Never thought about that, guess I could try. Where to I message them though, here on the forum or on the bug tracker?

Probably best to do both. Whoever gets it done faster

If it is his fault for

  • H35 inability to traverse
  • FCM 36 being easily penned by absolutely everything despite having 40mm SLOPPED armor (t-34 has like 45 or so and you magically don’t even pen with much better guns than the FCM 36 faces)
    Theeeen, for sure, but I somehow suspect on both cases it’s just Gaijin…
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Partially. Gaijin can only impliment information they got from their people and only from sources that are sufficient enough/trustworthy aka manuals and others. They can’t work with nothing so it’s 70/30 the consultant I’d say


This suggestion was recently forwarded for review. Currently there is no news to report on that.

Forwarded for consideration.


What about this one? It’s been nearly a month and no one has take a look at it so far:


Any news or consideration about some french camos being added as well?

hope new camo is being added

@Smin1080p Is that possible to contact with French TT consultant? I want to report Somua SM incorrect armor values, i have original schemes, technical drawings, but I need help with bug report.

@DirectSupport I PMed u about AS-20 nords bug, could you check this out please? Thanks.


Our internal historical consultants cannot help you with bug reports. Technical Moderators are available to help with any issues with reprorts as well as myself.

All issues can be reported here: // Issues

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I mean I need help with sources to bug report to be exact. I have draws, schemes, but I need a consultation about them.

Could you please forward this bug report? No moderator has looked into it in a month and a half.

Check with Senior Tech Moderators, they can let you know what the hold up or progress is