Removal/Replacement of the French Tech Tree Consultant

Oh, then at least it “can’t be worse”, lol

The 2000-5 is mixed already with weapons that only the export 2000-9 used (PGM) and MICA IR would be far superior to any other AAM in game as you’d be unable to flare or dodge it. Even Magic would be 50G if made correct but Gaijin doesn’t model two plane manouverability


i agree with you,the French need enhance

Perhaps the Mirage 2000-5F air-to-ground guided weapons should be removed in exchange for the MICA missile, as there is already a Mirage 2000DR1 available for CAS missions, and now the VT1 ground-to-air missile system has little ability to respond to threats from the air. We should request a fighter with sufficient air-to-air range to handle air-to-ground killers such as the MiG 27K, F16A/C/D, and F14B

the mirage needs the 2+4 aa missiles,and the lec needs f2.

Undoubtedly, the idea of strengthening is correct. In fact, original vehicles from all countries except the US and Russia are being deliberately delayed, and Gaijin has become completely addicted to copying and pasting.


Bravo à nos amis français, l’arbre technologique français nécessite de l’équité et de l’objectivité, nous avons tous vu le comportement injuste du coordinateur français sur le forum. Gaijin ferait mieux d’acheter un chatGPT plutôt que de croire en eux. L’amour vient de Chine, j’ai vu ce post sur le forum chinois et je suis venu vous aider, j’espère que vous réussirez, les véhicules français ont besoin d’être renforcés.


Not F2 since it would add nothing in terms of penetration (would be worse, in fact), but something like OFL 120 F1B or OFLE 120 F2 would be appreciated ; though I think the need of a new shell is far less urgent than fixes to the Leclerc’s mobility


Don’t really agree.
The mobility is fine by me. Sure it’s not the best one in game but it’s highly sufficient.
Penetration on the other hand is way more important because there are some tanks that you just cannot harm while they are capable of penetrating you everywhere.

i agree, the quality control on a lot of french vehicles is ridiculous

We have another case of Gaijin staff being the usual:

Closing the issue without any way to deal with it. Closed with the comment “It’s a different armor” and link to a questionable website sourcing something from UAE using Leclercs in Yemen

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The AZUR pack is composed of ERA block,… it’s an URBAN kit → so it’s mainly against RPG which are mostly HEAT rounds systems

And he did gives you source, before closing your BR so, it’s fine currently,…

It’s really strange, when it’s the article links that the mods or Gaijin have chosen it’s valid proof but when it’s the article or documentary links that the players give it’s not enough proof reliable. Proof of the hypocrisy of Gaijin and their employee.


i dont have top tier france and all tank models are incredibly stupid, altough we have some of the best tankers(tanks that can easily make a shot bounce) in some other tanks(the majority) it’s not good, lack of armor, too long reload or even tanks that have 0 armor where they should have atleast 10mm of armor, we just need someone who knows what he’s doing.

But it’s not ERA. Nothing states it being ERA. All sources say passive or non reactive Armor. Random websites are never taken as a source. The only kit that is said to be ERA is CLARA which is true


Thank you to all the people who support this even if they don’t main or even play the French tree, it’s very appreciated.

It’s not just “not the best”, it’s one of the worst despite having the third best power to weight ratio at top tier:

Lmao, rejected a report which links to the manufacturer themselves by throwing a random link which is not authoritative in any way.
Not even surprised to see that behavior from that particular mod though.


even funnier because the article links to a video in which the azur kit is described as passive. The article seems to imply that the composite screens from the scorpion upgrade program are era aswell yet they strike an insane resemblence of the old composite screens.

Kudos for KNDS for making the scorpion “era” look 1:1 like the old composite screens and sacrifice protection that way

Could it possibly be that an OSINT guy with 2 published articles in his name might
1.not know the difference between NERA,ERA and composite screens
2.Didnt take it as something of interest
as this doesnt matter for anyone but us nerds in our favourite game.


Now we can also maybe take in mind that there is not 1 armor configuration in mediums article that matches the tank we got ingame.


Meanwhile the “SCORPION” is literally sold as to having 8 composite skirts instead of 3 like the production variant. The AZUR Armor package 2011 and further mounts the AZUR over the SCORPION which is likely just to make installing them easier and quicker than to replace the mounted skirts like before

yea but the osing guy said scorpion is era so he must be right /s

I think gaijin needs to provide another source stating its era and not cross referencing osint guys from jane to medium self published pieces that have issues in their articles already