Removal/Replacement of the French Tech Tree Consultant

  • I support the removal/replacement of the consultant and staff working on France
  • I disagree with that

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Welcome to our (French Tech Tree Discord) feedback about the work of our nations consultant.

Before you continue to read please note that this is purely for France and not representative for other nations so please keep your concerns out of the comments. If you’re unhappy with the work of any other nations work please make your own post.

Now with that out of the way let’s go have a look further into the so called “work” with a few examples.

First off we have been working endlessly on reporting each and every wrong thing on french vehicles from tanks, vehicles and ships. Most of the reports can be proven wrong in a matter of not even half an hour with unclassified documents found all over the internet. All of them stating the same values on the exact same matter with no space for misunderstandings. A lot of our reports and suggestions for change have been put aside due to often conflicting with existing “documents” from the so called “expert” that is called the french consultant.
And no this post is not against the person itself but against the work they did.

My first example is the most recent one: VAB SANTAL
Not only is the model that was first added the wrong chassis but also a mockup turret without any function. After calling it out it got changed to be a completely made up vehicle as a mix match which has working and not working pieces put together to make it look like it’s complete. TLDR the vehicle got corrected wrong yet again afterwards.

Second example are the different AMX 50 (varying in errors) with a few of the reports below

While you might think a few issues are normal: All of these reports have been made with documents that had already been declassified by the time the french tech tree has been added to the game.

Another example can be the AMX-13

And many others. These would be fairly easy to change but conflicts with documents from whatever source the consultant uses conflict with ours which some even are first hand.

This is a similar issue found on Leclerc missing 25HP. This is just a single number in the code to fix it yet took a little over half a year and will finally be implimented with the upcoming patch.

Most of these issue should NOT have happened to an expert researching on their assigned nation when a smaller community of players can do better work in their free time than someone doing it as their full-time job.

As this topic goes public there will surely be many more reports coming in with more sources and examples.

This has gone on for long enough and things need to change.
Kind regards and vive la France


Agreed there are a ton of things wrong and it’s sad when they don’t get changed.


Just to add on here, the French Consultant was invited to join the French Tech Tree discord where we have our archive of sources. All they would have to do is simply use the sources at no cost, similar to what the Italian server has done with their consultant. Yet the French TT consultant has refused this, so every patch I and others have to submit 20+ reports every patch just to fix the issues that the consultant either caused or didn’t fix.

The French consultant has to go, the big problem is that if vehicles come into the game in a wrong state, then it takes years to be fixed even if a report was made early on.


This may come as a surprise, but most nations dont have a consultant anymore, Britian doesnt, Germany doesnt, most minor nations dont either


Some don’t because information is not difficult to find for some of those trees. However, Italy, France, and other nations that are hard to find information on, do get to have consultants. However ours suck.


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hows french information any harder to come by then germans, heck french language is propably further spread then germanys as well

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I can tell you why. German information is wide spread and publicly accessible. France on the other hand has a 50-70 years classification rule that is still in place while the person who made that has died long time ago already. Plus most french sources are only in french and therefore not as easy to translate or come by since they are stored away in archives. For Germany, got to note I’m German, there is a museum not far away from me that has both Marder 2 and VT 1-2 (The event vehicle) in store to be looked at with details on it.
France overall is just somewhat more secretive about it. In some cases you just have to ask for the information you want


There is one. We tried to reach out multiple times and every time we just got turned down. Whoever that person is does not want to work with the community in any way. Even if we proved over and over that we’re doing a better job than them in our free time compared to someone doing it as their full time job


ehhh , question you sure that is their full time job?

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Yea, I feel for the french tree, one may think having a consultant would actually contribute to a lot of good and accurate vehicle representation, but if there’s issues then damn, something should be done.
Oh well, brings back the memories of the old chinese consultant, things haven’t really improved much since then, apart from the actual addition of a heli tree while all other reports are staying neglected, but anyway, im getting off topic.


No but if not it’s shining an even worse light on them as we’re also only doing it during free time and we’re not even hired to do so yet deliver better results. Keeping in mind not everything is contributed as a community but sometimes as a single person


Agreed, here, such simple vehicle mistakes get passed through into the game without their basic characteristics modelled, or modelled completely wrong. Also through the last 3 years the only somewhat competitive ground additions were the Mephisto and the ELC bis. The tree is massively lacking in content the nation needs like ifvs and spaas. Something an actual expert who engages with the community would be blatantly aware of. Many of the issues with the French tree could be avoided if mistakes weren’t made in the first place.


Whoever they are eats glue because how the Super Etendard got added with no chaff/flares at 10.0 boggles my mind.


That’s still WIP due to being on the Dev server. Things there will change. The main issue is that things don’t change when they’re already in game. Great example is on the Dev they’re changing the AS-30Ls warhead weight. It’s a nerf which has been reported not that long ago and is pretty much immediately put into the game


speaking on how long it takes for french stuff to be implemented

the fact that this list has gotten so long and only a very small handful of them have even come to the game and all have been below 9.0 until this update with Leclerc Azur which is the first tank above 9.0 since December of 2021


Where do we sign to get rid of all of them. None of them are doing a good job.

Honestly with how the french tec tree gets treated by Gaijin it should just be deleted and all the research points/spent money be refunded or transferred into different by gaijins more important countries.

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Yeah no. France could be a tree as big as Germany if they’d care. It’s not a matter of lack of choices or anything. They just don’t have anyone doing the work they should. Things need to get forwarded so the Devs can add things as they mostly don’t do research but only development


i mean there were cut corners in the modeling department as well

i reported it but it doesn’t even make sense how this wasn’t seen there is no reason for them to be so close when the entire inside is modeled like a damn house and clearly shows where they sit