Removal/Replacement of the French Tech Tree Consultant

about the same lol

dev blogs in the past have not properly listed all features that came upon release. its actually a frequent issue i encountered especially in the last year

Yeah definitely the same amount of information needed /j

Support, just like in China, removing consultants has made the Chinese tech tree vehicles better and better. Now, consultants in the game have become a limiting factor for the development of the game to some extent

The same goes for Italy. There were also posts on the old forum that were dissatisfied with the Italian Air Force consultant, but later the post was locked because it deviated from the main discussion

In short, I hope to receive Gaijin’s attention this time and make French tech trees better

Additionally, I would like to mention here what I believe is the issue with French tech trees. Apart from many historical reports of vehicles not actually installed, there are many major gaps in French tech trees.

For example, Spaa, now there is a gap of 4.0 between the two vehicles, from amx13dca to amx30dca, without any other anti-aircraft vehicles

There is also MBT, which already has a large number of stabilizers in 8.3/8.7 in other countries. France still only has such things as amx30b2/brenus, and the lowest stabilizer MBT BR in France is 9.3. After the amx40 on 9.7, France did not have any major combat vehicles until 11.7

Finally, there are light vehicles. Currently, France’s situation is only better than Israel, as the latter currently does not have any advanced light vehicles. The highest vehicle in France is only the 9.3 vbci2, and there is a promise of adding other variants in future versions


LWR isn’t listed probably cause it’s still in development, and the dev blog could’ve easily went gold days prior.

As far as I know, the Mirage 2000-5F should belong to the Mirage 2000-5MK1, with only three types of guided weapons including air to air missiles. The Damocles aiming pod should only appear in the Mirage 2000-5MK2 model. I know Gaijin thinks it’s too early to equip the fourth generation fighter jet with AMRAAM, but MICA is a dual mode missile with both EM and IR models. Why not equip the Mirage 2000-5F with MICA IR?

There are also issues with the armor of the Leclerc MBT. The upper part of the front armor can be pierced by the 105MM caliber M735 and kill gunners and drivers. I don’t know why a main battle tank from the 1990s could be pierced by the M735. If that’s all, it’s okay. I bought the Leclerc MBT the day I developed the 69WSL from the 25WXP, but in the past four years, Its automatic transmission has been modified, repaired, and even turned 360 degrees in 20 seconds. I only feel that the treatment of French vehicles is far inferior to that of vehicles from other countries


I hope one day I can see VEXTRA105 and EBRC in the game. If they don’t have AMX10P and AMX10RC using T40 turrets, it’s okay. Gaijin always needs to give players a hope, I think


Support.I’m now choose FR as my 4th tech tree after already have US China USSR\RU.Idont know why the .30machinegun and old sabot round with 570mm penetration can be features written into devlog.The core of the tank is an old version S2 which is deployed before the SXXI and has worse turret protection than the SXXI.AZUR could have been made into a kit like UBH TUSK,and this kit can only defend against HEAT shells, what make things wores is that this kit also reduces the maneuverability of the entire vehicle at the same time.But now it is going to become the new top tier vehicle,which means players need to pay another 400000EXP and 1millon SL.Compared to the number of top-level vehicles in France, the issue of firepower being at the bottom of the top is more urgent.Really dont know why some tanks with overwhelming advantages on the ground (who everyone knows) can easily obtain some type of shells over 580mm penetration sabot round, or 4s fire rate under the same mechanical principle,but French vehicles even cannot obtain F2. Even with a balance strategy based on big data, shouldn’t the number of player base be considered?


Agree, this is an incompetent consultant.

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The consultant of France do need some replacement.
But I worry that after kicked off the consultant Gaijin would simply give every France issue a “not a bug” tag like what they do for Chinese TT.

Can’t agree more.

support from cn



The problems faced by the French TT are huge, for three years, only the high-level jet barely held up the sky, and the ground forces were really bad!
We got nothing but incomparably junk lecs, poor mobility, cardboard box protection, and inferior shells
At the same time, there is not even an IFV in TT, only premium paid, no AMX10P, no VBR, no VBCI, no SPHINX, no EBRC, nothing. Neither does the MGS, the vextra 105/120 is a vehicle that should have been added a long time ago, so far there has been no movement, for years we only got useless lec, and toys like the MARS15, which is ridiculous!


Nothing was obtained


The mods came here and said that, if i understood well, there isn’t a consultant for France at the moment. They are using the “multitasks” consultant working on other nations.

That’s why I think it would be a good idea to actually create one specifically for France.


Oh, then at least it “can’t be worse”, lol

The 2000-5 is mixed already with weapons that only the export 2000-9 used (PGM) and MICA IR would be far superior to any other AAM in game as you’d be unable to flare or dodge it. Even Magic would be 50G if made correct but Gaijin doesn’t model two plane manouverability


i agree with you,the French need enhance